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Adobe has just rolled out a new update to their creative apps. It’s a pretty big update with ton of new features, so… …if you haven’t updated Creative Cloud yet, then do that right now. So, for Adobe Premiere Pro, we’ve picked out our top 5 new features and the first one can be found under the Lumetri color panel. Under Color Wheels, you’ll now see an extra option called Match.

You can enable Comparison View, which allows you to see your current clip on the right… …and another clip you select from the timeline on the left. You also have other Comparison Views available if you like so. Then with a simple click on the Apply Match button you can apply a grading to your current clip that should match with the one on the left. And there’s even an option to enable Face Detection, so that the Auto-Match feature will do its very best to make sure that the skin-tones… …of the two shots will come as close as possible together.

Next up is the redesigned Essential Graphics panel. You now have the option to browse through many templates from Adobe Stock. You can search for free or premium templates. Now, Adobe Stock is an extra payed service, which definitely holds many quality assets. But if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, then I can definitely recommend Videoblocks, which is only $99 per year. And with that active subscription you can download… …unlimited video assets from their library. And yes, this is a sponsored message, but… …I’ve also been using their service for more than a year myself. So, from experience, I can honestly recommend it. You can check it out by clicking the first link in the description below. Now, moving on with the next new feature, if you’re drawing your own shapes, you can assign a custom color to it. But now you’re also able to select a gradient option to fill your graphic. And it even works with a transparent layer. So, you have created a nice graphic, what you can do now is animate that through the Essential Graphics panel.

You can click on one of the properties to enable Animation. Move forward in time and drag your shape to a different position. So, there is no more needs to jump into your Effects Controls to do this. When you then right click on the Effects button of your clip, you can select any of the shape properties as well. And that gives you a visual representation of how the animation flows… …and you’re even able to manipulate it further… …like adding an ease in or ease out to the keyframes. The fourth new feature is again an automated process, and this time we’re jumping into the Essential Sound panel. In our timeline we have a couple of speeches and some music underneath. When the speech comes in, the music has to lower in volume.

This is called audio ducking and can now be automated. First you need to assign the audio type Dialogue to the speech. You then wanna click on Auto-Match to set a proper loudness. Do the same thing with the music. And, of course, here you wanna select Music and then click on Auto-Match. Once you made those preparations you can now click on Ducking. We’re going to mix the music against the speech, or dialogue, which is enabled by default. You can now play around with the settings, of how much your audio has to be reduced, etc. When you then click on Generate Keyframes it will duck the music automatically every time a dialogue clip comes in its path. And that brings us to the final new feature, which is going to be every beginner’s favorite. And that is the Live Tutorial option. From the menu op top, select Window and then Learn. Premiere Pro now prompts you with several interactive tutorials that you can start from. For example, if you click on Importing Media, it will actually start a new project. The Learn panel will describe what’s going on… …and you can click Next every time that you understand it.

At a certain point it will Import Demo footage for you, which you can actually make an edit with. Premiere Pro will then give you exercises…..on what to do with that Demo footage. This new tutorial feature will not guide you through the entire program, but it’s an amazing tool to help beginners… get familiar with the basics super fast. So, these where the top 5 new features…..of Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 April update. We have several articles in the description below, if you also wanna see what’s new in After Effects and Audition. Thank you so much for watching, and like always: stay creative! Alright, guys, let’s see how this new Color Match feature works in Premiere. So, what I have right here is Yannick, and I’m going to match him with the Grinch. Let’s hit the Apply Match button and see what happens. yeah, that’s still not enough green. Yannick! Time to hit the Make-up Room!.

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