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How To Make A Modern Icon Design | Adobe Illustrator | Satori Graphics

Today I’m gonna show you how to make a modern icon design in adobe illustrator brought to you bye Satori graphics what is that people welcome back to satori graphics home of graphic design content right here on YouTube before we kick off this modern icon design in Illustrator if you want to keep updated to sister graphics hidden content I receive graphic design freebies sign up for my weekly newsletter everyone portfolio website will be w destroy graphics on there so how to make a modern icon design you do not have to make a paper plane symbol of course you can use my methods to create many different icons.

First we need to take the polygon tool I will click the artboard and type in six Heights resize it for holding down the alt/option key and shift at the same time and then clicking like so we now need to make the corners of the icon rounded heading up to effects and then round corners you can check preview to see how the final outcome is going to be and adjust the measurements this will form the basis of our modern icon design in today’s illustrator tutorial to give a better effect on our icon design today we don’t have a grade in here I want to use shades of blue for my icon design and I want to make the transition between the two tones very slight having the lighter in the top left of the icon I take the poly tool again but this time type in three sides to generate a triangle using the REC selection tool you can then move the points around from the basis of our paper plane.

When happy a LaPenta make a shape like mine here this will cut into the triangle using the pathfinder window like so lastly again using the pen tool we need to add a triangle to the back of the paper plane join everything together in the Pathfinder window to quickly change the color of the paper plane you can use to prepare tool and select the white on the canvas outward lastly we’re going to add a shadow behind the plane it’s really going to set off the effect on a modern icon design today so hold down the alt option key and then click and drag to duplicate the hexagon select of the hexagons dragging your cursor over them and then align them vertically and horizontally if you can’t find the align window you can open it here once you align the two shapes take the pen tool and draw in a shape like I’m doing here this is going to climb to the top hexagon make sure the pencil path comes all the way off the shape and then back on to air then select the new shape and the top hexagon and use this option here in the Pathfinder window I’m going to bring the paper plane to the front of our modern icon design and then I’m going to show you how to add a gradient shadow you want one side to be dark blue and the opposite side to have 0% opacity to blends in nicely play around the gradient style under direction of your gradient to perfect your icon design.

And there you have it guys how to make a modern icon design in the illustrator wrote to you by satori graphics

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