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Dispersion Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

All links upload annotation files in the Description box Double the layer below by pressing CTRL + J Hide the top layer Choose the layer below Select the Lasso tool by pressing the L character on the keyboard Select the hand around the muddles (men) this way Click right and choose fill Select Content-Aware from the list and press ok Press CTRL + D to remove the selection Make the top layer visible again. Choose the top layer Select the Quick Selection tool by pressing (W) on the keyboard Select on the modles (men) as I do in the video Go up and press Select and Mask Select “Refine Edge” if you are using another version of Photoshop The Edge Edge Brush Tool is the same as a red circle Just start by choosing the hair of the moodle (men) From the Output to menu choose: Layer Mask Then press OK Now Almodel (man) in a separate background Double the top layer by pressing CTRL + J.

Right-click Mask and Apply Layer Mask Hide layer (Layer 1) I will change the name of the layer to the name “Dispersion Effect” Double-layer the violin once by pressing CTRL + J. I will change the name of the new layer to the name “Man” Choose the layer named Dispersion Go to the top and press Filter – then Liquify Make sure you are the Forward Warp selector I do what I do in the video This will determine the size of the effect of dispersion (diaspora effect) Take your time, but I’m happy to make some time When done, press OK Hang the button (ALT) and you are compressor on the mask.

(Mask in black) Choose an edition that we called “Man” Then select the mask button below Make sure the color above is black Select the Brush Tool by pressing the B character on the keyboard He chose the mattress dispersion I will choose this mattress now and you can choose the mattress you want Open the Brushes window Never add the effect the same way in the video The role of the mattress is as described Provide the size of the brush by pressing “[” Decrease the size of the brush by pressing “”] “on the keyboard I will choose another mattress so that it does not look like a uniform pattern Never add effect again We will speed up the video because it will take some time When you are happy with the effect you have made, choose Dispersion mask Make sure that the color above is white We began the second phase of the effect of dispersion Make sure you take the time for you The role of the brush as in the video Provide the size of the brush by pressing “[” Decrease the size of the brush by pressing “”] “on the keyboard Press CTRL + Z to undo This section of the video is sassed Never add larger granules (meaning brush effect) He looked excellent I will do some cleaning Choose the mask above “Man” The selected color is white Choose a soft brush with soft edges Near PaxDam zoom tool by pressing the letter (Z) on the keyboard Start hiding unnecessary parts.

Take your time Press CTRL + 0 to return the zoom mode The picture began to become beautiful I will add broken glass fabric Select the V Animation tool on the keyboard and then drag it onto our current project Let’s change Blending Mode to Screen I will call the layer “Cracks” Press CTRL + T to select the broken fabric Hang on the ALT + SHIFT buttons and you pull the corner inside Place the broken glass in the middle of the man’s eyeglass lens Continue to position and mediate as it should Select the magnification tool by pressing the Z character on the keyboard Turn below and choose Mask Make sure you use a small mattress Make sure that the color in the top (ie the selected color) is black Start by hiding unnecessary parts or glass.

Press CTRL + 0 to cancel zoom (zoom) Add adjustment layer and choose Gradient Map. Choose Gradient Presets Choose a beautiful color gradient for this part of the lesson Download the free gradient pack link in the description box Click OK and you’re finished Then press close Reduce transparency (opacity) to 20% As you see the color gradient beautiful shape Some effects The right of dispersion seems a bit ridiculous I will sharpen it Press CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + E This will merge all layers (layers) Let’s call this layer “Sharpen” All right and Convert to Smart Object Turn up and press Filter then Sharpen -Unsharp Mask. The Amount value will be changed to 60%. Then press OK And we will be saved.

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