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Deal with Scratch Disk Full Error in Adobe Photoshop – Urdu / Hindi

Assalam-O-Alaikum, Welcome to GFX Mentor, I am your teacher Imran And today i will be answering the most asked question It is a problem actually I have also faced this problem And many people keep facing this problem In many videos people keep commenting that Scratch Disk Full error is bothering It doesn’t matter whatever we do, (Take new layer or save the image) Still this error keeps showing up Today we will learn What are the causes of this error and how to fix this error I will teach this in today’s class This is short class but very important, So Lets Start the class Alright! Welcome back First of all i would like to actually what is Scratch Disk But before Scratch Disk it is important to discuss Virtual Memory, Virtual Memory is created by windows in your Hard Disk Drive And why is it created? When you start any software in your windows Your Hard Drive Light Blinks and at that moment it is read from your Hard Disk Drive and loaded into your RAM Now RAM is a Volatile Memory So things exists only in ram till the system is powered on And than your computer reads your data from its ram and than is provided to you.

Now when RAM capacity is fully loaded, it doesn’t matter if you have alot of RAM it doesn’t mean it will not be fully filled, RAM is fully utilized whenever you do multitasking and using many softwares, than definitely RAM will run out Whenever RAM runs out, so what does windows do is it allocates some space on your Hard Drive Which is called Virtual Memory That allocated space works same as RAM But Off course it will not be as fast as RAM RAM is a alot faster, Now just like windows maintains Virtual Memory Now Adobe softwares also works like that Specially Photoshop etc, They They create their own Virtual Memory and it is called Scratch Disk, Adobe has given it the name of Scratch Disk Scratch Disk works when ever your RAM runs out Some space allocated in your Hard Drive And it utilizes the allocated space and uses it as RAM Right? So whenever you see this error of Full Scratch Disk Error On the first hand you have to do this Go ahead and clean your desktop Delete all the temporary and useless files Secondly, Check the Properties of your C Drive If it is full delete some files from C Drive And uninstall useless programs which you don’t want to use It is really important to keep healthy space in C Drive Number one In order to get rid of this error I will show you on screen I am simply going to my Windows Explorer Just like “This PC” And there is Window C Drive Right Click on it and select Properties There we have an option of “Disk Cleanup” If you will select it (Left Click on it) It will simply analyze all those extra and temporary files which can be deleted Now remember one more thing If you are facing alot of load shedding and power failure and your softwares keep force closing on its own What really happens in that moment is that computer didn’t get a chance to to delete the extra files which are created by Virtual Memory or Scratch Disk, You can delete those files from here, otherwise search all temporary files in your C drive and delete them manually Your C drive cleaning is must and healthy space is mandatory Now Secondly you have to select delete files, when you will select it will ask you to confirm select ok It will simply delete those files It will free some space from C If you are still facing Full Scratch Disk Error Than open Adobe Photoshop Go to Edit menu And select Preferences If you are a MAC user than it will not be in edit menu Preferences will be in Apple ICON There will be an option of preferences Than select performance Now, In performance you will see this menu Which will show Available RAM and how much RAM you want to use And you can easily increase or decrease your RAM Usage from there I have 16 GB Ram, which i can manage from this option There is one more menu below performance Which is Scratch Disk From here you can select Not only C but also other drives It depends on how much drives you have, I have C and D, E is not usable It is for Cache C and D both drives can be checked to easily solve your problem “Full Scratch Disk” error Because now Photoshop will also use D drive along with C for Scratch Disk It will utilize the space of other drives as well how easily you can resolve your problem/issue I hope you liked this TIP It is very useful aswell And if you liked this class aswell Than Please Like this Video And if you haven’t subscribed yet Than please Subscribe to get latest content Thank you…!!!

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