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Selective Color Adjustment in Adobe Photoshop – Urdu / Hindi

Assalam O Alikum Welcome to GFX Mentor, I am your teacher Imran Today we will learn how to make selective color adjustment I am going to show you how to do that, it is very important and exciting and after showing you that I will give you a small tip which for us Pakistanis and Indians is demanded greatly Although I personally don’t like it but still I will tell you about it afterwards Lets go ahead So the purpose of selective color is to enable us to adjust an already selected color in an image So how to do it? what is the advantage of doing it So lets start Allright, Welcome back So first of all , you can see that I have opened a beautiful landscape image in Photoshop I have downloaded it form Unsplash The link to this image is in the Description below Go ahead and download it Otherwise you can work on any image you like Remember one thing Even if I forget to give you the link of an image I am requested a lot to provide links to images which I use Although I provide links but this doesn’t mean that a particular thing can only be done on that particular image You should also try to achieve the same result on other images So in this image I want that the green color in the landscape I mean the grass and the trees it should become a little more vibrant & a little bright I want to do something with the colors It is a very simple thing to do From here I will select selective color adjustment it is the last one & by default when you select it it is set to relative and the color is set to red Even if you simply change it there is no significant change in the grass because at this time red is selected & the amount and quantity of red is present here in the trunk of this tree so the change only happens in this trunk But I don’t want to do this I want to add richness to the greens here So I selected green here & increased the black here Now remember one thing

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