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Make your own LUTs (Color Lookup Tables) in Adobe Photoshop and use in Adobe Premiere – Urdu / Hindi

Assalam-o-Alikum WELCOME TO GFX MENTOR I am your teacher Imran and today i will teach you about about color lookup tables meaning lookup tables or LUTS and you will learn how to apply and how to create your own so “LETS GET STARTED” SO all right welcome back as you can see here i already open an image and we can see a beautiful beach and wonderful sky mountains , water and grass. so anyways if i want to show how to apply a lookup table simply i go to adjustment layer and here as you can see we have color lookup and as you click on you will already have automated luts see this if you change them you will get different looks now its not a must you have to apply these looks and use as it is ! sometimes you will get very sharp so you can easily reduce their opacity now in PS (Photoshop) they already provide you made lookup you can apply on any image if you want to #REMEMBER In Movies These Lookup tables are used too much these are alike color grading presets now so far many adjustment layers you saw combine all of them we can make our own LUTS before that i want to point out that you can apply from here fine now if you want to you can reduce their opacity to decrease or increase the intensity Now the Question is if we want to create our own lookup tables so what to do ? its so simple work see this image i put on here i didn’t download from any website if i bring you on premier its first on #GFXMENTOR i open Premier i am not going to teach you premier so Those of you who Know Good & those who don’t its fine so if you see here its a complete video and i want to color grad this video and you can do it for videos or images BUT i want to do it for this video see this it is a frame and from here i export frame to PS i open that image in PS(Photoshop) Now we have to do simply i go to adjustment layer and i choose levels because its look too bright and make it little bit dark then second thing what i want to do is applying Gradient map you already watch that class if not i will put a link here so you can watch i simply apply this purple & orange Gradient map NOW I decrease the opacity because it look too intense and i also going to apply a curve and i make this like “S” to add contrast now if you see this it look warm color and shadows appear in purple Even then if you want to You can make extra changes i want to go RGB and adjust something i choose green channel And increase a little bit as much as you want you can apply adjustment i choose second curve to make it little bit bright i want to give a faded look now as much as i apply adjustment layer it appear the same amount and if you turn it on all of these the image look like this Now you have to select all of these adjustments layers select the top one and press and hold down the shift key click in the last one press ctrl+g these layers will be in one group now make sure the image you open that its has be background layer if its not you have to make it first you can do so here we have flatten image because if you don’t have a background layer image this is not going to work at all , so make sure that! now as you make these adjustments layer and group it now go to file export and choose color lookup tables wait before click on that i want to tell you that this option is not available in PSCS6 , CC2014 This feature add CC2015 or Later OR maybe in CC2017 i am using the latest version of PS and its available for me now click on that as you click you have to choose the format but usually i choose all of these format now on the top you can write description warm and purple and in the copyrights you can give your name Quality i choose high its Better and click ok file name : warm and purple now see here this is the same folder where i exported the image now i save it it take some time to process and make a file for you now if you see that we have all file format all right the export process is done ! now we have to apply To apply this color lookup tables i will apply it here in PS i delete the Group because we already made the preset simply Go to Adjustment Layer and choose color lookup In the first bar you have to click on the radio button it open a new window and we are in the same folder click on Load AND THAT’S IT! so all of Adjustments Layers will apply immediately in one Adjustment layer in the form of preset But the story never end on this place now go to premier actually this was our video and of course this is made for this video By Default in premier your setting interface i usually change this to color and its the latest version ! now i simply here already given you basic color correction i simply go to creative and choose look and browse the window to choose the file format i choose CUBE select it and click on open button and it automatically apply in your whole video see this if i play this the whole preset will be apply to whole video

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