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6 Useful Shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop – Urdu / Hindi

Assalamualaikum, Welcome to GFXMentor, i am your teacher Imran Today i am going to give you a small but a special video to you all guys where i will give you some shortcuts which will save your time during your work and it will be very useful for you short cut no 1 ‘R’ If you press R then it will show you or give you a Rotate canvas and when you will drag it your whole canvas will start rotating and if you will save your image now then it will save in straight position or normal position, it is just for working for example it is just same as we rotate our paper during our work here is this shortcut where you can rotate your shortcut you can check this by rotating your canvas this is used in paintings short cut no 2 is layer opacity so if you want to change the opacity of the layer in speed for example i want to change this layer’s opacity 50 % then i will press simply 5 in my keyboard and if you think that no it is very less (that is 50 %) and i want to make it 80 % so i will press 8 and% it will become 80 % Next layer order if i think that i want this blue layer in the back position and i don’t want to drag this from here and i want to do this from my keyboard this is very simple you have to press control key along with you left square bracket .

And if you press right square bracket along with control key then your layer will start coming at the top similarly you do not want to change the layer and which layer you want to work is i mean for example i want to do all my work here with my keyboard i want to down red layer’s opacity down here so first of all i will go on my (red )layer i am pressing alt key along with my left square bracket and my all focus is on (red )layer and i want to down it’s opacity to 60 % so i am pressing 6 here that’s it i did all the things here just with my keyboard i mean i didn’t used my mouse here and if the interface color of photoshop is not looking good i mean dark black then you can make it light also just press shift + F2 it will start making it light.

It will become lighter and lighter whenever you will press it you can go 4 steps towards light color and you can also go 4 steps toward dark color just do shift + F1 next thing is your brush size if you press your right square bracket key then your brush size will increase and if you press your left square bracket key then your brush size will increase but there is one more shortcut if you press alt button and do right click with your mouse then you will start getting red circle and now if you go to right then it will become larger and if you go to left then it will become smaller as well as if you drag your mouse towards up then your brush will become soft if you drag your mouse towards down then your brush will become hard similarly you can change your brush also and see this, yes i can do this from here also but this is something amazing simply i am making my brush soft same thing i did this from here so that’s it this are our some shortcuts and one last shortcuts , here i did so many changes and it is looking worst i mean this file is not looking so good, my last file was best so our last shortcut is revert and just press F12 shorcut your last save document will come again it will give the same exact file which you had saved remember it F12 and it will work when you will save your file if you had not saved anything then it will not work on it i hope you liked this shortcuts and if you really liked it then please like it and subscribe it if you didn’t subscribed it THANK YOU SO MUCH

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