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I will teach you to how to download and install adobe photoshop cs 6 pool for versions of Windows 32 and 64 bits [Music] with nothing more to say let us begin [Music] before starting the first thing I want that they know is that the discharge weighs gigabytes now the first thing they’re going to to do is go to the link of the description of this video on the screen in the tube the screen on the screen on the web since there will be the download links both by mega and by mediafire you download it for your server Favourite once downloaded it will leave us this virtual file that we are going to do Right click with our mouse and extract here [Music] once extracted it will leave this folder we open it we open this other folder and we execute this as administrator [Music] we click on install we accept this fucking contract of license and here the next thing we’re going to to do is to put the serial that is we copy it [Music] and we paste it here and before clicking in next we will deactivate our internet connection once this is done we will click on next and click in connecting later and here we will click on install and now wait for them to be installed and once finish the installation we click on close and now the next thing we’re going to perform will open this other folder to install an update that we will allow to create this program that is to activate it this takes approximately five minutes in installing one more weakness late once completed we closed we go to the first folder with the name of patch that will allow us to activate the photoshop we copy or cut these two files and we will take them to where they he installed the photoshop that so general is on the local disk it program file we open the folder of adobe once here what we will do will be to paste it [Music] listen well and now what are we going to doing will be to run the activator and to activate it what we are going to do will be look for the one that says adobe photoshop cs 6 is to extend 32 bits we select them and click on the logo and wait a few seconds and once it leaves this message that has been patched they close them and now we are going to create a direct access to the desktop and well, that’s all, since only just simply open it to check that does work and that’s all for now Now you can edit your photos without no problem

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