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How To Make A Cartoon from a Photo in Photoshop: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

in this episode I’ll show you how to use Photoshop filters to turn your normal photos into cartoon caricatures and war [Music] hi everybody welcome to another episode of exploring photography right here on adoramatv Adorama it’s the place that has everything for photographers like you and me well in this week we’re gonna take a deep dive into Photoshop filters so we’re going to be taking normal photos and creating some really painterly effects and some sort of crazy cartoon characters now I have to say this is an intermediate to advanced tutorial so if you’re not familiar with some basics in Photoshop specifically layers layer mask Smart Objects and some basic shortcut keys you might want to have a little refresher now the cool thing is all the techniques that I’ve covered here including the photos that I’m using to create these crazy characters are all in past episodes of adoramatv and so check out the links in the description of this video there’s tons of information this week in the description of this video so make sure you check it out again check out the description of video there’s a lot of extra info that will help you get up to speed with the stuff that we’re going to be doing here today now the way this works it’s sort of like making a pizza we’re gonna have a lot of different ingredients those ingredients are the filters in Photoshop things like the liquify filter Adobe Camera Raw filter the high pass filter the gradient maps and then also we’re gonna be using Nick analog effects Pro 2 to do all of this kind of stuff again if you don’t know about this stuff I’ve covered it in the past check out the links in the description of this video but we’re gonna take each of those filters and like making a pizza some pizzas you know have all the ingredients it’s the deluxe super supreme pizza and it has everything so in our equivalent that would be a photo that has all of the filters but sometimes when you make a pizza you just want a couple of little things on there and so the same thing holds true of this technique might only use one or two of these filters but the technique is the same for all of them it starts with the base and then we build on that base using different filters and so let’s see exactly how that works and dive into Photoshop right now here are some images that I’ve been working on and they all have one thing in common let’s start with the source images these are all high contrast images with a solid background now this is the kind of image that works best with this technique you can try other types of photos but in my experience this is what’s going to work absolutely the best so all of these are sort of layered exactly the same you’ve got your first image but the solid background that is adjusted for the tonality and all that kind of stuff in Lightroom or Photoshop however you want to do that the next thing is in Photoshop you use Nik software to add some texture and to over sharpen this to get it ready for the next step which is to warp everything and make this into a cartoony caricature and you can see this really looks sort of crazy it’s this oil painting kind of a wacky effect you can see that we have the same thing here’s Gavin this is the image out of the camera we’ve added that texture and then we’re going to distort and warp and make him this mad man and I love how this looks this really looks cartoony it’s really sort of evil and nasty the next thing we have is something like this so this is Boleyn she’s got a beautiful face so I don’t want to distort her face it’s just too good-looking so all we’ll do is we’re going to add this effect and when we zoom in on this at a hundred percent you can see that this really is a pleasing effect and you can see how this makes the hair and everything sort of wavy it’s really awesome or you can do something like this so this is Nadia she looks great just like this and so all I’ve done here is add the texture but I’ve left her eyes and her skin pretty much the same I just want to have this sort of cartoony effect on her hair so it’s not a caricature it’s more of an artistic interpretation of the image or you can even do a little bit less so this is saurian so when we zoom in here this is the original image I’m gonna go and show you what I did which is I cartooned up her hair and the background but I left her face alone and so you can see before and after this is something that’s just a little crazy effect maybe this would be great for a cosplay kind of a photoshoot where you can distort and cartoon up maybe the hair and the clothing but not the face itself so let’s walk through how to do this so for our demo today what we’re going to do is we’re going to take this image that I shot in a previous episode of exploring photography of Gavin Hoey and we’re going to cartoon him up and make him really sort of crazy so the first thing we need to do is in Lightroom right click and we’re gonna say edit in Photoshop CC 2018 now the first thing I need to mention I set the white balance and all the tonality and did all of my Corrections in Lightroom first so that’s done now we’re just bringing that over into Photoshop okay the first thing we want to do over here is we want to take a copy of the background layer and then I need to add that texture to do that I’m going to go into my filters Nik collection analog effects – again I did an entire video on how to do this exact thing in fact I’m using the filter that I created in that video it’s called the gaps and so I’m going to take this right here this is my filter called gap Max and you can see that it is adding this texture here so there’s this dirt and scratches that’s what’s adding that and then I’ve got some basic adjustments and so if you want to do this just get in there make sure you watch that video on how to create this specific filter and this will work just for you so I’m gonna hit OK and then that’s going to bring that back into Photoshop as a new layer and that’s going to be titled analog effects Pro – all right there it is so it’s a GAF max that’s the name of the filter and analog effects Pro – that’s what that means right there so I’ve got that that looks pretty cool the next thing I want to do is I want to copy that layer so that I can add some filters I’m going to rename that I’m going to name it filters and I’m going to convert this to a smart object the reason I’m going to do that is because I want to start creating a bunch of filters and layering them and I want to be able to go back in time and change things if needed so the first thing I want to do here is I’m going to go to my filters go to my Camera Raw filter and I need to really make this contrast see I’m gonna do that by adding clarity so I’m gonna bring that up to about 20 something like that that looks good remember you can adjust this to your taste don’t do exactly what I’m doing now I forgot to do something okay because this is a smart object I can just go into the Camera Raw filter here I need to change some atonality things I’m gonna go get my adjustment brush I’m going to take my highlights down by about Oh 2023 I’m gonna paint down Gavin’s hands so they’re a little bit darker I did this in a previous video you can check that out and then I’m going to take my highlights up just up stick that down create a new brush take the highlights up a little bit and brighten up Gavin’s face here yeah something like that let’s take those highlights up just a little bit more good to create a new brush take the highlights down paint down his forehead that’s good okay so I’ve just changed my tone a lovely tonality a little bit that’s why we want a smart object so if you forget something you can go back and make adjustments the next thing we’re gonna do here is this is the fun part we’re gonna liquefy Gavin’s face this is where we make him really cartoony and so what I’m gonna do here is I’m just gonna get my liquify tool and go in and the first thing I’ll do here is I’ll use this bloat tool I’ll do that on his eyes to make his eyes really big make these goggles really big just sort of making this larger then I’m gonna use my normal forward warp tool and I’m gonna start making his face really distorted so I’m taking his cheeks in like this I’m gonna take his jaw way out like this I’m making sort of crazy I’m going to pucker that a little bit whoops wrong one yeah this way just nose a little bit smaller I’ll make his hands a little bit larger so you can do this to your taste all we’re trying to do is make him cartoony and distorted so a larger hands go in here I want to add some texture some wave to this cloth you’ll see why as we start doing this so maybe just a little bit more of craziness and then bring his head and make his head a little bit smaller I’m getting this weird kind of tear up here because I’m moving the material around that’s okay because you can replace that using this reconstruct tool and so I’ll just reconstruct this bit that I’ve messed up now this is something you can play with quite a bit and I suggest that you do it just come in and play and try to make something cartoony if you don’t really know what to do to somebody’s face to make them cartoony look at some caricatures online just search for that look at some cartoons get some comic books from your kids and then just take a look at how those things are distorted it’s really fun okay that’s enough for that I’m gonna say okay now the thing I need to do after this is I need to add a little bit more contrast if you can believe it so I’m gonna go back to my filter I’m gonna go back to my Camera Raw filter and again we’re gonna use that clarity slider now I’m gonna do this on top of what we’ve already done that’s really getting contrast y’all say okay and blammo there we have that now the next thing we need to do and this is where it gets to be super cartoony if you’re going to go to filter and then we’re gonna stylize this we’re gonna go to oil paint now this depending on the speed of your computer it can take a little while so I suggest that you turn off preview and just use this little window up here to see exactly what’s happening and then once you get to something that looks okay then turn on preview and see the entire thing the other thing I need to mention them cancel on this this is best viewed at a hundred percent so zoom in to 100% before you start doing this so again I’m gonna go back to my filter here and I’m gonna go to stylize oil paint okay so now that we’re gonna do here is we’re going to take a look at what this is doing and what I’ve found just by trial and error is that these sliders all the way over to 10 tend to work best for this highly cartoony kind of stuff you can see on the beard you can see what’s going on with the hair I’ll make sure the lighting is turned on that’s going to give me a little bit more play with this on your own computer to see exactly what you’re getting I’m gonna hit preview that’s going to take a few seconds but that’s going to cartoon up Gavin’s face here boom there it is and that looks pretty cool I’m gonna accept that now if I was just doing this without recording it I’d probably take a little bit longer to really dial that in and make sure it was perfect but I like what we’re seeing so far that’s really cool but what we need to do is we need to really make this a lot more contrast II because it’s supposed to be a cartoon so we need to have those dark lines dark and the bright lines bright and so what we’re going to do is we are going to copy this filter smart object command J and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to go to my layer and then I’m going to go down to Smart Objects and rasterize I’m going to rasterize what we’ve done and then I’m going to rename this to high-pass filter you can’t apply a high-pass filter in the way that I want and a smart object and you’ll see why so I’m going to go here to filter other high pass filter and normally you would just do a little touch of this just a little tiny touch of it something down to one pixel or something if you’re going to use this as a sharpening technique we’re using it for a cartoony technique so we’re going to take it way up here so I can start to see all the details in Gavin’s face all of the lines and then I’m going to hit OK this makes this look grey until we go over to our layers panel and we change this blending mode to overlay and once we do that BAM oh look at what that does to our image so this is again full screen this is before and this is after see how that really sharpens that up it’s really really cool and so once that’s done we can take a look at what we’ve done I think we have a nice cartoon I’m going to save that and we’ll let me show you a different image that I processed using this exact same technique but just in a little bit different way so instead of using all the distortion and making something that looks like a caricature or a cartoon I created something that looks more painterly and beautiful so let me show you the layers that I’ve done here and we’re not going to do this in real time I’m just going to show you exactly what I did because it’s using the exact same method that I had before so what I did was I started with my picture of Noddy here playing background I created a copy of the background layer called that Nadia then I went into analog effects Pro to add this texture then one thing I made sure that I did is to make sure that none of that texture it falls on Nadia’s face and so I did that using control points in analog effects Pro 2 to make sure to remove that from her face then I added another effects layer which is to clarify all this to really give it some contrast and over sharpen it so then when I went in I could do that oil paint filter now notice this oil paint filter sort of blows out her eyes and her lips and it’s just way too much on her face but her hair looks really cool it’s a little bit too much on her arms as well and so what I did was I made a copy of this clarity or clarified layer here I just made a new copy of that and then ran that oil paint filter again and then added a layer mask so I’ll show you here’s the first oil paint layer here’s the second layer and using the layer mask I just painted that onto her eyes and lips so that you can see that it’s not quite as crazy so here it is off here it is turned on so you can do different types different strengths of these filters and then using layer masks you can paint this on and off so I’ll shut everything off here so you can see exactly what that layer is it’s just pretty much her face so once I had that then I went in and I merged those two layers so we’ll have this merged layer right here and then I use my high pass filter to really make that punchy then I think that I really wanted to have something that wasn’t so bold with the color and so I added a gradient map the gradient maps are found right here at the bottom there another filter just go in here and add that the nice thing about a gradient map I’ll take this and put it up to a hundred percent you can see what that is it’s almost like a split tone it’s really cool but you don’t have to have the opacity at a hundred percent you can take that down to something like I did which is twenty percent and so it just sort of flavors the color so you can play with that as you’re editing your images these gradient maps are really really awesome then the last thing I did is I thought that I really wanted to bring her eyes back into this so again I went down and copied my original image the original copy of the background of Nadia and then I put that on top and added a layer mask and I’ll turn everything else off so you can sort of see what I did then I just sort of painted not at a hundred percent opacity I used sort of a semi opaque brush something at about fifty percent then painted over her arms and her eyes and her nose and so you can see that that just brings back that natural look so if I turn that layer off you can see it’s cartoony turn that back on you can see that her face looks a little bit more realistic so when we zoom out to a hundred percent you can see that this is something that really looks amazing [Music] hey well that was tons of fun thank you so much for joining me for this episode make sure you check me out on Instagram to see all the kind of crazy wacky things

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