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Hello friends. I’m here with a new video that I hope you might find useful. I wish you good looking. In this section, we will examine the “Spot Correction Brush Vehicle”, which is the primary repairing tool. By clicking on the icon on the panel or by using the keyboard shortcut key “J”. This tool, as its name suggests, is a tissue repair tool on a point-by-point basis. It is used for cleaning small spots on the visual, removing objects from the center, small retouches in the photographs and similar works.

Before I go into practice, I want to point out. Whichever tool you use, we recommend that changes you make on a visual will always be applied to different layers. By doing so, you will be able to maintain the original state of that image. I will discuss this in detail in my “Layers” training sessions. Now is; we’ll be working on the original layer only because we’re in initial training. The use of the “Options Panel” will depend on the actions to be performed. But, as I have just said, I suggest that you stay here as it is for now, since we are in the beginning training. Firstly; you should adjust the size of the brush to be close to the size of the touch you want to repair.

This will give you a better result. The brush size, if you wish, you can also adjust it from the same window opened by pressing the right button of the mouse at any point on the visual. Touch or touch the object I want to repair, and move it around the object I want to remove. When I leave; you see that area cleared. Let’s keep clean. What we actually do when we use this tool is that we use Photoshop to select this area, It is to give the instruction of “Filling the surrounding tissue and colors”. However, it may not always be possible to achieve the desired result. In this case, I suggest you use the advanced repair tools. I will also refer to these tools in later chapters. Now let’s do another example. I want to remove this leaf from here. But first I have to adjust the size of the brush again. I can start processing. As you can see, Photoshop removed the sheet from the center. But there are a few minor errors. Now, let’s fix them. You can open the “History” panel and see the difference between the initial state of the visual and the final remember.

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