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Hello everybody welcome to my channel my name is Alale and I’m very happy for making this video for you today I’m going to show you how we can make tropical leaves in less than 10 minutes these leaves are useful for postcard, background or your channel art on YouTube and making them is very easy quick and joyful so let’s get started. at first we need search in google to find some picture of leaves so I’m going to search something like tropical leaves photography as you see there is so many option and you can pick which color you want it’s based on your taste completely and pick anything that you want and then I’m going to save them in my computer and will open them in Photoshop so I’m open a new project and pick a size because I want to make a post card I choose 15*15 centimeter with 300 resolution and click on create button so here is my paper I click new layer in layer option on right side and then I’m open some of my favorite leaves pictures that I found them on internet so let’s I’m just picking them I think six is enough so I choose six picture for today now I need bring this picture into my project so I select M button on keyboard and copy it with ctrl C short cut and paste it the control V shortcut key on my project so I click on Pen tool in toolbar or shortcut key is P on your keyboard, pick orange color or any color that you want, and its opposite of green then start working with pen tool to make my leaf as a shape so about Pen tool if you don’t know I should say when you start with click you will continue to click on each edge of your shape and if you want to complete your shape you need to click on the first spot that you ever start now I’m adding some extra spot and playing with all the edge to make my leaf more real and more look like to the picture under it so about pen tool if it’s your first time that using it there is some useful tip for you tip number one if you want to change the place of each point you should press the control button and same time click and drag the point to other side that we want to be and the point place will change easily tip number two if you want to change the shape a bit and make the lines curvy you need to press on Alt key and same time click and drag on the points that you need to change it tip number three with one single click on each line you’re gonna make another point it’s easy like that tip number four with one single click on each point you’re gonna lose them so again if you need to make them curvy or change their place use Alt pr Ctrl key with them so here I complete my leaf shape with pen tool and as you see I try to make the exactly like to leaf in the picture.

I change the color of the leaf into green and one leaf is ready and for another leaves I am showing it in fast speed version to save more time now as you see I made four different leaves that I think it’s enough because I love keep it simple and the next step is adding some texture on my leaves what we need at this time is kind of Inky or water color texture so there is an option such as searching in Google and find some watercolor texture or you can also make a good texture with real paper and ink by yourself, take photo or scan it and open it into your Photoshop.

Here I made a texture before you can see the photos actually I love to use my own products because it feels better and make my art more special. I’m cutting the extra frame around my texture and then I go to image adjustments selective color I choose neutral key and and start playing the three optional magenta cyan yellow playing with them on until reach the shade of color that I want now press the key S on your keyboard and put your mouse on any side of texture press alt and click once after that we will back to our leaf page and choose one of the leaves when you click on the shape with stamp pen, the Photoshop will ask a permission to rasterize your shape and you should click OK then try to color the shape with stump pen that already has a texture with itself you can pack again on layer texture and click different part of pattern again or you can mix few part of pattern together it’s all about your taste and creativity for coloring the other leaves you can go again in layer texture and change the whole color in Selective color panel and neutral texture part as you pass it already it’s like before just and playing with cyan magenta and yellow part and change the color and reach the greatest color that you need then here is our four leaves ready ready for final step the final step is all about composition that means I draw a big pink circle with U key on top of the leaves layer and put it exactly on middle of my page and then I start to put the leaves around resize them reverse or turning them until reaching the shape and a frame that I have in my mind again here just trust on your creativity and make your own frame as you wish as you see for many times I changed leaves color by stump pen and you feel free to change the colors too at the end I’m adding a bit of shadow under my pink circle to make my frame fresh you can add shadow too! go to layer panel choose drop shadow in FX bottom and play with distance, spread and size until you reach your favorite I’m removing some leaves because they are too much and adding a watercolor texture on my pink circle, again with selective color you can change the shade of the color and finally write something on your frame ok our job is finish

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