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VECTOR Lines DISTORTION Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Hello world. welcome back. One of my viewers asked me how to create this vector 3d Distorted Lines typography in illustrator. So In this video, I will explain the process. If you are thinking that this could be done with mesh tool or blend tool then you are wrong. They cannot give you this. or any other tool. That is why I created a script which helps you to create this with just a few mouse clicks. For that, you will need illustrator and photoshop both. First, open the empty photoshop document. I’ll take 1280 by 720 pixels. Do not go higher than this resolution. You will know why in a moment. The distortion effect we want will require a white background. So I will keep this white. Add a Black Text or Shape. In final output, Distortion will be applied the most on the Blacks and None on the White.

And Grays will be in between. Right now this is solid black so distortion will be too sharp. so to make it smoother, add a Gaussian blur. To keep the blur editable, First, convert the text layer for the smart filter. than add gaussian blur with amount around 15 px. As I told you before, White won’t have any distortion effect. So this area around the text is useless. So crop out that part. keep a very small amount of white around the text. Uncheck the option “Delete Cropped Pixels”.

Just in case you need it back! Before proceeding further, I will save the project. Now it’s time to run the script. Goto File > Scripts >.. Line Distorter Image Processor. This box will pop up. Here, enter Step count for X-axis & Y-axis. the default 10 does the job but I’ll set the X to 8 px. and Y steps to default 10 px. After clicking ok, you will see the progress in Layer Panel here. Do Not Minimize or click anywhere inside photoshop while the image is being processed. Photoshop could crash.. Yeah, I’ve already saved the project. Process CANNOT be stopped in the middle. Click OK. Now you can see the Color Sampler Tool is picking the color from every 8th Pixel on X-axis. and every 10th pixel on Y-axis. here you can see the status of the process in the layer names. Don’t worry about the bunch of those layers. they will vanish in the end. Do not click anywhere inside. If you minimize the photoshop. You won’t be able to maximize back until the end of this process. So I recommend not to do that.

You can work on other applications though. Photoshop will work in the background. You can see it is taking quite a long time. that is why I cropped out the white areas around. That can save a lot of time. So for testing purpose start with low-resolution documents. around 500px. This is Text Layer with a smart filter. so you can scale it up to high resolution later. This wait is much better than making every single path manually with the Pen Tool. let me fast forward this. It’s almost done. Open Illustrator Document and run ‘Line Distorter’ script there”. You can see those layers are gone. Now Open Illustrator Document. Goto File > Scripts > Line Distorter. In this box, it is asking for Height amount & Angle. I will keep the height default and Angle 110. and Click OK. Here is the output. You can see distortion is wonderful. But the problem is there are thousands of unnecessary points on the straight segments of the path. we don’t need them. To remove them, keep the line group selected, Goto Object > Path > Simplify. We want to remove the points which are only on straight lines.

So check the box saying Straight Lines. and set Angle Threshold to 1 degree. OK. Now it looks clean. Use the Direct Selection Tool to manipulate the points. For example, I’m aligning them to the artboard edges. If you need more lines here then you can just duplicate this one few times. here we’ve got two groups. One contains the Lines. and the other one contains the background shape. You can change the color & width of the lines & background. Select the Line Group > Go to Appearance Panel > Double Click on “Contents”. So all the individual paths are now selected. I will increase the stroke width to Stroke Color to Black. Fill color closer to the white. Apply this same Fill Color to the Background Shape too. You don’t have to pre-process the image in photoshop each time. but If you change Blur amount, text or anything visual then you will have to re-run the process in photoshop. Once the image process completes. You can run “Line Distorter” in Illustrator as many time you like. Try Different height, angles, and colors. Here are some variations in the angle value. Right now I’m working on the script.

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