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How I edit my PICTURES with Adobe Lightroom | TILLY BEE

I add at my pictures it’s kinda simple kind of like to get started obviously I have to take the picture so as an example I’m going to take a picture right now this depends on how I take it sometimes it’s with my phone sometimes it’s with my camera sometimes it’s with my little vlog camera it really just depends and it’s all kind of the same except with my phone I have to actually airdrop my photos to my computer so I’m gonna take a little example picture right now and just kind of show you what I do my post on my Instagram okay so I usually take like a lot a lot a lot of pictures because you know gotta get that right one you know and I’m saying okay so now the ones that I want I’m gonna just go through and send them and airdrop them to my computer because that’s what I do okay so then I’m gonna go into this little I button and then I will go to downloads obviously it already comes up and find my pictures usually there at the bottom because you know they know pictures you see it oh my gosh I so many pictures about and then I have to find them there they are I select all of them review for import yes those are all new ones I want and then obviously it’s gonna make its own little file for them which I love okay so I’m gonna go up here to these little edit things and I’m going to hit presets and I use presets because it’s a lot easier and I like my photos to be like really really really really edited and I have like a bunch obviously so these are the ones I’ve been using for a while so like yeah cute cool yeah but I just downloaded a new one that I’m pretty dang excited about here she is won or lost so I really really like these so usually for my Instagram I like to kind of mix it up where I do like three the same and then one different a little bit different and like kind of mix it up okay I’m going to go here and see these range sounds cute I’m in do three this is Sam okay and then for this one the last one I’m going to pick for it so I’m actually gonna do the wonder last one and by the way I I’ll show you guys where I’ve been getting all my presets from here all my and it just kind of depends like I sometimes go in here and I kind of like change it up you know so then what I do is I’m going to select all of them and save them to a little file I have for my all of my pictures and I’m gonna go to finder obviously go into pictures go into saved and then select all of those new bad boys nope never and then I mean I just airdrop them to myself so my computer just died that’s just lovely okay be right back okay quick intervention boat honey we’re back okay so now I’m air dropping them chew on my phone so just gonna air drop those my animal is I me ask oh my gosh okay I wanted to show you guys where I got these presets I got them from a place called creative market where they have all type of presets for actually really achieved so I just look up Lightroom presets and a bunch come up and they’re pretty cheap I know some people’s no hate no hey I’m just saying are pretty expensive so like if you don’t want to spend that much or you can’t afford it and you want to get some presets this place is really cool they have all different types of stuff templates graphs bonds all type of stuffs all types all type of stuff all types of stuff all types of stuff so I yeah I just want to share that so I hope you guys enjoyed this little thing here are some more photos that I took and wanted to share for you guys I love that any photos I love taking photo of guests I love you guys so so much and don’t forget you never saw us rubezh I

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