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Tips to Improve Workflow using Layer Tools in Adobe Illustrator

Hello world, thanks for joining this quick tip video. Here I’ll make you aware of a few layer panel features which you probably are not using. In this document, I have 5 cards in one layer. Rectangle 1 to 5 from Bottom to the Top. Right now this Blue Card is at the Bottom of the stack and this Green on the Top. I want to flip their stack order. So it would make the order Rectangle 1,2,3,4, 5 from Top to Bottom. To do that, open Layer Panel’s Fly Out Menu. “Reverse Order”. Most of the time you will see this grayed out.

The reason is, all the options here are meant to be used for “Layers”. not for selected objects. That is why, first, you will have to “Highlight” all the layers you wanna reverse the order of. So I will Highlight the Rectangle 5 and shift-click on Rectangle 1 to automatically highlight in-between shapes. Just like we do in photoshop layers. Notice that I’m not selecting any object. Open flyout menu > Reverse Order is now clickable.

Now we’ve got the order Rectangle 1 to 5 from top to bottom. You won’t need this feature in every project but it is better to know about its existence. This video link is in the description below. If you want to import the Illustrator file in Adobe After Effects then you will have to put all the objects into their individual layers. For that, there is an option called “Release to layers”. Highlight the parent layer containing all the child objects. and click on “Release to Layers (Sequence)”. All the objects inside Layer 1 are now distributed to separate layers. Let’s see what “Release to layers (Build)” option does.

It distributes all the child object to their separate layers But creates a cumulative sequence. Each layer contains a copy of all the underneath objects. This is useful for creating frame by frame animation or GIF sequences. Another option called “Collect In New Layer” does exactly what it says. It moves highlighted object layers to a sublayer. just like we group them with Ctrl or Command G. You might know that you can isolate any single object or a group by right click > Isolate selected Path. But you might not know that you can Isolate layers too. It makes the objects easy to edit without the interference of surrounding objects.

Merge Selected Option Combines or Merge Multiple Highlighted layers into one layer. “Flatten Artwork” is quite similar to “Merge Selected” but for “Flatten Artwork” we don’t have to highlight any layer. because here we talking about “Everything in Document”. Here I have 5 Parent Layers. This option will merge all the objects into One Parent Layer.

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