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Zig Zag and Curvy Lines in Adobe Illustrator CC 2018

Hello everyone, today I’m going to show you how to make curvy and zig-zag lines in adobe illustrator CC. The first thing you want to do is create a new document. and letter size is fine. Then grab your line tool shortcut(\) backslash. Click and drag to the other side of the page and release. If you hold shift while you drag, you can make the line completely straight.

Grab your selection tool shortcut V click on the line and hold alt or option and drag and release to create another line. Select both of these lines by simply holding shift and clicking on both. Hold alt or option drag and release To align these, select them all, go up to window, align, (if your align panel is not open yet) and select horizontal align center.

Hold command and click the white space on the page to deselect all the lines. Click the first line with the selection tool, then go up to effect, distort and transform. Click on zig-zag. This menu bar is gonna pop up here. Click on preview and there you go you have a zig-zag line. You can also adjust these settings by playing with the size and ridges of the sliders

As found on Youtube

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