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Tavole da disegno in Illustrator: tutto quello che non sai

Hi guys, I’m doing this short video to tell you about the drawing boards of illustrator then you often ask me you ask me what these are blessed table what they need how removed can be added move and modify then first I want to clarify well the concept of drawing board because many of you confuse them with pages of in design then in software design of pagination and therefore it is normal that within it you have the possibility to add illustrator pages not being a pagination software but a software intended for illustrators or anyway whoever wants to get vector images and normal that in its interior offers the possibility of adding non-del pages but of the tables then the tables can be added from the window new document so if I go to file new here on the right or the possibility to add from one to a thousand tables yes because from the 2018 illustrator version allows you to add up to 1000 design fables but let’s see what they are and what are these tables then we can compare the tables more to that of the sheets and containers containers that contain drawings printable and therefore all the elements that we’re going to place inside of our tables will be considered both in the phase of printing that in the export phase on the contrary if we will position ours items in the gray area will not come considered neither in the printing phase nor in the export one as we will see within the course of the strait a startup actually from this document of illustrator containing multiple pages we could also generate a pdf multi-page then saving for example this land document the pdf composed from six pages so the tables can be useful also in this case but let’s see now how they can be additions of deleted deleted duplicates moved in a lot but a lot simple then to do it I do not like it use the drawing boards tool which is located on the left and see that the moment you do it active is selected automatically the first table before table I can then go to move this way simply by clicking and dragging you see that by moving the table the element will remain fixed inside of the work area this is because it is disabled in my case the voice exposed drawing with table of the drawing if I activate the voice obviously the element inside where it will come anchored to the table and will therefore come moved together with the latter I can so go and move inside of the work stage all mine boards can possibly selecting one to go here on right to purify the height width change the name and also assign a default for example this table I could change it from a size to 4 in a very but very easy way obviously it can also act on handles can go to change the dimensions manually and I could also simply remove it by deleting it then delete key I will go to remove the my table always with the instrument table design we can also duplicate quickly a table as holding pressed the option key or the tango pressed this button I click and drag and here it is we have duplicated a lot rapid our table then actually over a panel exists for this tool very important that is called tables drawing is located inside the menu window here it is drawing boards then this panel shows us how you can see the list of our tables in order export and then print this order here is not the order in which they come view the tables on the stage of work but it is the order in which they will come export or print then here we can change the order with these arrows or simply dragging our tables and we can of course always go with the buttons here at the bottom to remove the boards or a create new ones see that in itself creates new tables these are added to the interior of the work area the last thing about the tables let’s see how they can be arranged in an orderly manner I go here in the upper right I go up rearrange all the tables and inside I can decide on this window layout of re arrangement the order le columns then how many columns to get in the trash or at a distance between one table and the other I leave everything unchanged from the ok that this is the result well guys

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