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How To Create A Modern Slideshow, After Effects Tutorial & Template

Today we are going to be growing this earlier than we i would like to ask you to help me on patreon that you would be able to additionally get access to all my top class content you could download the entire assignment of the special animation you’ve gotten seen in the illustration from the hyperlink within the description so let’s first we need to import our photos into after-results on this tutorial i’ll use only three photos but you need to use as many portraits or videos you want the process so as to add more slides would be the equal create a new composition and name it contemporary slideshow i’m using the entire HD 1080 pixels preset with 30 frames per 2nd and 9 seconds lengthy convey all the pix or videos you will use on this slideshow into your composition we can ought to pre compose each of them this motion will likely be very useful later if you wish to exchange some pix or create a new slideshow with exceptional pictures proper click on the first photo and pre compose it name this composition image 1 don’t forget to pick transfer all attributes into the new composition repeat this process with all the pictures or movies you have in your composition now opt for all of the layers but the snapshot one layer and delete them from right here opt for the image one layer and click ctrl D to copy it exchange this residue identify to photo one reproduction go to results and presets panel and search for tinned apply the outcomes to your reproduction layer transfer to the first 2d be certain to have the photograph one reproduction layer selected then decide on the rectangle tool and double click on on it as you can find a masks used to be created right here open its homes and create a keyframe on masks course transfer 15 frames back then double click on right here and drag the mask course like this to make it divulge from the left part pick both keyframes right click on on any of them then decide upon keyframe assistant and easy ease that you could get the same outcome through clicking f9 for your keyboard be certain you know how to do this since we can repeat this action a number of times on this tutorial now create a copy of this deposit and click you to reveal its keyframes move to 1 second and change this color to one other one i will use this shade of blue on this tutorial however that you could scan what suits pleasant with your photos drag your layer like this to make it from one 2d now transfer to 1 2nd and 15 frames then create a brand new stable we are going to title it masks one and we’ll use the white colour for it click on key in your keyboard to open the function homes then make certain your playhead is positioned on one second and 15 frames and create a keyframe right here drag this keyframe to 2 seconds and 15 frames then change the x price of the role to minus 960 you can acquire this by means of subtracting the width of your snapshot from the present worth easy ease the keyframes decide on the textual content software and write your first text i am utilizing the Gotham font loved ones which may also be downloaded free from the internet do not worry in regards to the colour it will not be seen align your textual content in the core of your composition then open the position residences and drag your textual content like this to the right create a keyframe right here then transfer to two seconds and 15 frames and convey back your textual content in the center handy ease the keyframes then change the track mat of the mask 1 layer 2 alpha inverted matte our animation appears like this transfer to three seconds and create preserve keyframes for your first textual content and in your masks one layer then move to 4 seconds and alter the function of your layers drag your text to the right not more than this and alter this worth to 2880 now we can deliver our 2nd picture into the composition drag the picture to layer on top of all other layers be certain that your playhead is here the place the earlier animation finishes then seize this decide on whip and father or mother the snapshot to layer 2 mask 1 layer this may occasionally make the image comply with after the white masks high-quality now we will do the equal thing as before simply with somewhat twist replica the snapshot layer and rename it photograph to copy follow the tint influence on the new layer transfer to 4 seconds and 15 frames and double click on the rectangle instrument to create the masks open the mask houses and create a keyframe on masks direction move back to four seconds then double click here to prompt the masks route this time let’s make it disclose from the top effortless ease the keyframes then reproduction the layer and display its keyframes change this color to a new color i will prefer a reddish one then drag this accretion 15 frames to the correct similar to this create a brand new solid and name it mask 2 open its function options and create a keyframe right here drag this keyframe to 6 seconds then trade the Y function to minus 540 effortless ease the keyframes write your 2nd text and align it to the centre open its role choices and drag it to the bottom like this create a keyframe here then move to six seconds and convey it back to the middle convenient-handy is keyframes to then alternate the track mat of the masks to layer 2 alpha inverted mat appears satisfactory isn’t it move to six seconds and 15 frames and create maintain keyframes on your textual content and mask layers then transfer one 2nd ahead and drag your text layer to the backside like this and alter the Y role of your mask to layer two 1,620 carry your 0.33 image composition on top of the other layers make certain to be correct right here where the earlier animation ends and guardian the brand new photo layer to your masks to layer from here we’ll repeat the equal moves as before changing most effective the direction of the divulge replica the picture layer and rename it photograph three replica apply the tint outcomes to it move to eight seconds and create the mask create the keyframe on its masks path then transfer to seven seconds and 15 frames and make your mask divulge from the right part this time convenient ease the keyframes reproduction the layer alternate this colour to a new one and offset this sediment 15 frames i will discontinue here when you consider that as you will find we are doing the same thing as before now select all these layers clicking ctrl a on your keyboard lower them then click on you to reveal the entire keyframes make certain to pick all of them and open the graph editor here decide on all of them once more then drag one in all this handles to the left our animation is ready let’s check the end result it appears really excellent i hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the way to create a trendy slideshow and After effects.

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