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NEON 3D Strobe Interweaving Logo Graphic Design – Photoshop Tutorial

The first step is to create a gradient color palette to work with. I like to do this is by using a feathered brush to paint on the colors that I choose. Create a black background layer and then the color pallete layer on top of it (you can see that I have a hidden color pallete layer hidden, it was only for a practice so you don’t need to make two of them). The next step is choosing colors, make sure they are BRIGHT! Choose whichever colors you like but I would advise don’t choose too many. Pick a few different ones to see how they harmonize or contrast. You need to blur this layer (well you don’t need to but this is what I did) to make the colors a bit softer at the edges, but don’t blur it so much so that the color disappears 🙂 Now, here comes the key part.

In order for your 3D “flubes” to be the color of your gradient you need to follow these steps: 1) Make a new layer 2) Select the Mixer brush tool 3) Make sure that your settings match mine; Dry, Heavy Load, Wet= 0%, Load= 100%, Flow= 100%, and make sure sample all layers is ON! 4) I forgot to make this clear in my filming but along the top bar, where you see my gradient being picked up you want to select the little drop down arrow and make sure that “select solid colors only” is UNTICKED! If it is ticked then it will not pick up the gradient Play around until you find a color scheme you like! Time for the text layout, I would advise picking a short word or one with four or nine letters so you can fit it into a square, but you can do whatever you’d like! You can make it look however you like, but my graphic style includes a lot of repeated symbols and I also like to work with squares as you can see 🙂 I really like interweaving text graphics, I have also created a similar look to this but using a flower collage weaving in and out instead of the flubes, I would love to know if you would like to see a tutorial on that.

I am trying to explain in as much detail possible because I would like to teach people of all skill levels xD Once you are happy with your setup you can begin to paint! Select the mixer brush tool and then MAKE SURE you are working on a new layer. Then PAINT! (I had to speed it up here because my computer chose to be laggy, I hope you can still understand it) You should create a new layer for each of the different sized flubes you create because that way if you need to edit anything they are separated but also saves from creating a different layer for each one which might get confusing Create a new layer and start to draw bigger blobs, I used these to try to frame the page nicely (it took me a few tries to create each one but cut it out because I wanted this to be concise, just keep trying until you get the look you want 🙂 Once you are happy with that layer, move the layer with the smaller blobs over it, as they are meant to be in the foreground Make a new layer and draw more, these can be a bit more crazy because the will be in the background and we will blur them anyway Looks pretty cool 🙂 Blur this layer but not too much, we still need to see the shape of it Lower the opacity, this along with the blurring makes it appear to be in the background Now draw another one on that same layer.

Blur it so that the one you just painted is a little blurred, but keep in mind that the one in the back will blur more too so don’t over-do it Now it’s time to create he “interweaving” effect, to do this you need to create layer masks on the layer with the small flubes as well as the text layer from earlier. (the layer mask button in the bottom-right hand corner of the Photoshop screen, it looks like a little Japan flag) Use the quick selection tool to select the main flube that is touching your letters. With that selected click on your text layer. Then using the regular brush tool set to black paint, paint over the part where you want to HIDE your text and SHOW the flube See, now it looks as though the flube is travelling over the first O and under the second O.

1) Select the small blobs layer using quick selection 2) Select (using the mouse) the LAYER MASK on the square layer 3) Paint over the selection in black Feel free to make adjustments to your layout at any time. Repeat the same process with the symbols and the second flubes layer. You could stop here, but I wanted to add a little more to the piece, so I added a hint of orange just to make a bit of a contrast. To do this, make a new layer over the middle flubes/blobs layer.

Then select a vibrant orange shade and set the blending mode to “Darken” Make it a clipping mask and then you can begin to paint over the blobs, I focused on painting over the pink areas. Continue until you are satisfied with the result! To make it less harsh, use the blur tool to fade it out a bit and you are done!!! And there you go! Thanks for watching and I hope this helped you. I also hope you enjoyed watching this video! .

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