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How to Draw a Zip Using adobe illustrator

So today we’re gonna learn how to Oz its and zip heads So let’s just jump straight in The first way is quite a simple way of drawing is there and this is the one I use for quick maps to start draw a rectangle Then copy and paste using Muncey and commander and then set this second box off to the side slightly like this Now if all your boxes would be desired color. I always fill one with a slightly lighter color to give depth and dimension Rotate your box holding shift. It’s all rotate 45 degrees and now scale holding shift again As you have reduced the scale of the object. The external line is smaller so here I’m just making a slightly thicker now open your brush window and Select your rectangles and drag the items into the window. Click the pattern brush and press. Ok, this brings up a new window Here you can see your zip and click OK now draw a line and then select your line and click your new brush This makes the bit now isn’t a scale is a bit too big if you double-click on the brush You can bring the box back up and reduce the size like this.

Would you have your desired size? Click OK and click apply two strokes now, it’s finished your box around your news there and this will be your zip tape Don’t forget to send this to the back I also draw a small square and fill it with a gradient and this is a zip stopper at bond Now this is use at finish So I’m gonna show you how to draw a more complicated set neck and then I’ll show you how to draw a pad here I’m dragging in an image of the kind of thing I want to achieve as you can see these zip-t have a rounded head now I’ll show you how to draw this fish or a circle If you don’t hold shift you can make it more like an oval from here copy and paste it two times using Muncey and find that and then place your circles on the edge of the first oval like this This is basically for the next shape to ensure the zip fits together.

Make sure your ovals have been aligned I’m just using my line tool here from here draw box and move this to the edge of your two ovals Now draw a shape that covers all four items now select your new shape the oval and the left box unusual shape builder tool To make them all one shape then send your new shape to the bar. Now remove the fill on the top and bottom Ovals and select all three objects and divide this object by going to your Pathfinder and then click divide now you can delete the excess shapes which leave you with the basic shape for the rounded zipper has If you copy a picture objects command C on there two times and lay them out like this You can see how your zip will live here. I’m doing some amendments just to ensure the lines are smooth and curved Wow Now space your items how you want them and rotate 90 degrees Color your bottom two in a lighter shade and the top one in a darker shade Now draw a box over the top of the ears Ensuring the left in the right line is in the center of the two shades This should snap into place if you drag the line over the center make sure the box is well over the top and bottom of Your object remove the line and send the object to the back now rescale your items to your desired size As you reduce the scale the object.

The external line is smaller So here I’m just making it bigger Now open your brushes window select your item and drag into the window Click pattern brush and press. Ok, this brings up a new window You can see your zip and click OK now draw a line and then select your line and click your new brush This makes the zip. Now finish as the previous step of the zip tape unzipped stop there. Okay so now for your zip had find an image on Google or the zip had that you like here I’m dragging a rounded one and I spin my previous videos. I’m gonna use this as a guide to draw my zipper I start by joining the main head I draw one side and then I copy and paste it Muncy and under right-clicking We can transform the object and reflect it Move to the right side of your desired spot and join the lines that use the pen tool Remove the fill and continue to draw the rest of the zip head towards I’m using here is a rounded rectangle tool and Manipulating it for my desired shape Then I draw the holes in the hardware and head to my Pathfinder tool and – these from the front Now I’m going to start to work on my ring and Use the shape builder tool to connect all the items now align all your objects So they’re all in the center and fill with a gradient Now I chose it pull it to the sense I always ensure the zip head is the same size of the teeth as it’s more proportionally pleasing to the eye I also have some extra zip heads that are previously drawn in a similar way You’ve got large rounds that pull you go Rectangles at pull a large rectangle that pull a regular zip pull and a material sample Okay, so that’s your zip and chose a pad drawn now.

I know we’re all really busy So if you don’t have time to short from scratch like I do no worries. I’ve got you covered I’ve opened an Etsy shop with all the trims and details including the zip and the zip pad What you have to do is download it and then you can instantly use this from all your garments going forward .

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