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Photoshop Smoke effect. Create Smoke Effect in Photoshop CC. iLLLPhoCorPhics

Hello everyone, welcome to my channel in today’s tutorial I will show you how can you create this awesome smoke effect in Photoshop this is really a good looking portrait I use some very good tricks to create this effect I hope that you will like this tutorial so watch till the end and tell me your valuable word in the comments section below leave a like and subscribe if you didn’t yet so let’s start today’s tutorial now we are here in the magical world of Photoshop I have downloaded this image for today’s project if you like to download this image I will put the link in the description first we need to make a new document go to file new now select 1920 by 1080 P size I am taking it’s for our thumbnail size you can choose as you like now keep all the setting default you can use a name I give the file name smoke effect now hit create next we need to create a new white layer to create the background create a blank document now fill it with white to fill it with white make sure the foreground and the background color is black and white if it’s not press T on your keyboard then press ctrl or command + backspace it will fill the blank layer now we need to make the gradient to create this gradient go to the toolbar and tick gradient tool go to option bar and click here now it will come up the color slider shows how much color you like to add hit okay click to the middle of the layer and drag it to the side it will create a gradient adjust the gradient now go to the image document take the image and paste it to the smoke effect document this image too big press ctrl or command + T on your keyboard and adjust the size next we need to fill all the side into black go to the toolbar take brush tool change the foreground color into black and paint black to fill all side area now we are going to desaturate the image to make it black and white go to image adjustment and take desaturate now apply a negative layer mask to this image press alt or option in your keyboard and press 2 the layer mask if you see the layer mask thumbnail it’s black select the layer mask go to tool bar take the brush tool come to the document and press the right button on your mouse now select the smoke brush adjust the size and apply the smoke effect take your time and apply adjust the brush setting change or rotate the brush and apply the smoke effect take your time to create it perfectly and if you want this brush I will put a link in the description to download this brush now apply the smoke effect now we are done let’s see our final output now we just created our smoke effect in Photoshop you can see how good-looking it is take your time and create this awesome smoke effect I just wanted to show you how can you create this effect and try to show you all the method if you want to download the brush and image you can check the link in the description you can also follow me on Facebook Twitter Instagram so thank you for watching until the end and if you have any kind of questions feel free to ask me in the comments below leave a like and subscribe if you didn’t yet see you in my next tutorial till then bye and the most important thing keep learning

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