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FAST EDIT ADOBE LIGHTROOM TANPA PRESET | Tutorial Edit Foto Secara Instant Dengan Fitur Fitur Lr

Hai, My name Rian Cesarea In this video, we will learn “how to upgrade this photo” to become “This Photo” in less than 5 Minutes! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more update! Entering the Adobe Lightroom Application and here we have a photo that i have shown before here we will try to upgrade this photo with a simple way first, use White Balance Selector here it is, and we have a white cloth here, the “natural white” one we use this BOOM, it changed then for the Tone, we might also use the Auto and BOOM! it changed again. and then we’re trying to set focus in the center of it so, the outer part of it will be darken so, we use the Radial Filter by Radial FIlter, we’re trying to set focus on the girl, which this one create circle and set the right position, like this make sure the position of teh circle is right here, we add some kind of chill environment in the outside so we set the Temperature Down and also we increase the tint to gives a purplish feel.

And some blueish to gives a chill rainy weather. then we decrease the Exposure to make it darker aaaaand that’s enough and then here, it still seems like it has border line that separates outer and inner part which make it feel so artificial. so, we have to increase the Feather to make it natural enough so the line disappeared. it only makes the girl that appeared to be our Highlight Talking about Highlight, it means the Highlight should be only one (spot). so, The highlight in outer part will be decreased enough and also we decrease some Shadow to make it darker also we decrease the Black a little And then, we will make the sky part seem cloudy and dark. so, we use the Graduated Filter, and we drag it from above like this and then, we set it back first. then we decrease the Exposure slide it to the left just a little.. and we get some “artificial” feel right..

So the Contrast will be decreased to makes it blending still we have to add Presence to edit the color we have to use Presence we almost forget about it right? increase the Vibrance along with decrease of Saturation And, here it is just like what i have shown you before! KABOOM!!! here the “Before After” this one “Before” this one “After”. so, it seems like focused in the center and here we can see the girl have a warm environment and more Blowed up the Highlight compared with the people here it makes the Highlight is in the center part that’s all for the editing tips today.

and it was so instant that it doesn’t need 5 minutes to be done this is the basic of the app that i have shown you today okay that’s all for the photo editing tutorial today.. don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and watch the upcoming videos of my tutorial next time!! I.. Rian Cesarea See Ya!! .

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