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カードゲームに使えるデザインアイデア /Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 講座 Idea for card games and original cards

Yes very much Hello Watch this video again thank you very much This video may be used for board games and card games Introducing how to design Once you have the design, just print it Because you will be able to make your own card game How about watching this video and learning how to do it? Let's take a look at the main part Axon Comment and share this video before the main story begins Thank you Let's make a card Recently, there are various cards such as board games. First of all, according to the art board in the shape of a card Create a shape with the Rectangle tool Then this shape has no line color And only the paint color is gray Let's go freely around here Then this is a duplicate on the front Set a little smaller Should I match the size like this Then repeat this one more time Let's decide the color of each line for this shape. It's a little lighter gray Well, the card has a frame that displays monsters Let's decide the size like this It would be good like this Please decide here as you like Next is This time we will introduce how to design easily After opening this symbol There are a lot of samples in the library From here legal vector pack Choose Then there is a design that seems to be usable for a cool game By dragging and dropping here You can insert a symbol This symbol itself can be double clicked Because it can be modified You may want to make a lot of things based on this symbol I'll leave you here Next is some explanation below and the character of the card Let's write something like an ability With an oval tool like this Try to draw a dark circle and a light circle Now, here is another logo from among the symbols Let's insert something like Because the symbol can be modified I ’ll make it look brighter here When Smart Guide is on It ’s easy to place it in the center. Let's adjust the thinness of the line each time Well, I do n’t know what the monster ’s name is If you make a suitable space for drawing special abilities Is n’t it good? Well, in a similar way Choose from the symbols and insert Let's make the design of the lower part This is the same way here I will fast forward Let's write the name of the monster in this space Then decide the font and size of the text This decided the outline of the outline Other things like numbers and monster attributes If you want to fill in with a new oval tool I think we should make a framework It is a good idea to expand the characters at the object Well I wrote a lot below so I do n’t need the top ribbon is not it So this may be okay Now let's design a monster. I like drawing illustrations Let's introduce a highly reproducible method So first of all to illustrator Create a new layer because you want to import photos Name the monster appropriately Let's go Because cartoon characters are made from animals An animal like a lion like this Insert it and make it based on this So if the photo is outside, Use the Pen tool to create a distinctive shape Let's trace I will make only half of it because it is a symmetrical face So while looking at the outline below Trace with the pen tool This area doesn't have to be exactly as shown in the photo Let's make it freely as you like It might be easier to use smart guides If you can do that far This shape is selected by right-click flipping Flips vertically If you press copy, you can make an inverted copy And let ’s keep this together Select these two and then merge them together in the path merge Then the other parts are basically the same way Let's make half and flip If you keep the shape transparent, you can see the picture below so it is easy to do is For example, while looking at the photo below Trace a new shape to see Since this is the eye part, I think it's a good idea to flip the copy Let these two shapes also be centered with a smart guide It ’s a little off but do n’t mind And select this traced shape and the bottom shape Die-cut at the pathfinder Let's cut out the eyes and see Or Now, while hollowing out and adding shapes like this Let's build a monster face This time we will make a monster that represents a lion warrior It is common to anthropomorphize a living thing, but let's go with this So I will add other parts here as well Because this part is a similar work Would you like to fast forward and see It might be better to change the color coding. Not Using other illustrations of wings and feathers in the symbol Make a lion's mane and see it If the color is difficult to understand, a different color plane behind It may be good to place Well here while watching the various symbols If there is something that seems to fit, please take in each time I think it's okay to do something like this Create a shape from here with the Pen tool It ’s similar to flipping or adding symbols. I will look at fast-forward The symbols are not used as they are After extending the object It ’s a good idea to create it with an envelope warp. From here, it ’s 5x fast-forward video with music. When you want to know more details, stop the video or play speed each time Please watch while slowing down Like this Made After going up It may have popped out of the card frame Please make more here without worrying I will make adjustments later Let's say that the illustration is completed like this Then the illustration pops out First of all, select the outer frame to copy it into the border Then select the layer containing the monster Paste the border you just copied here to the front Then, the border line pasted on the front Clipping mask from object with monster selected It will fit in the frame like this when creating Ne And to change the arrangement of some decorations After adjusting the position of the layer I ’m going to look at the whole situation I think it ’s okay with this. Of course, if you want to make it more complicated, you can arrange it in various ways. And if you ’re really good at illustration, How about taking time to design That's it for this Thank you so much for watching this video If this video is useful, when you comment or share You can get a new perspective by writing your impressions and awareness Will be Also please subscribe to the channel Thank you for your work so far Become a hero to acquire skills and challenge the new world The day we can meet someday

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