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How to write arabic numbers in photoshop and Illustrator cc 2018

Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahimassalamualaikum what’s up guys welcome to my channel digital creations in thistutorial we’re going to be taught the way to write Arabic numbers in illustrator CCso let’s get began I open the brand new version of illustrator CC2018 I open a brand new report as before it began creating Arabic numbers how dowrite Arabic numbers in illustrator CC I just wanted to inform you that we will’twrite straight on illustrator CC in a arabic language arabic language there isa very complicated to jot down directly on illustrator CC even your language optionis open however before typing before typing or writing any language truly Arabiclanguage so you need to investigate your your movies is diverted or C or opt for yoursystem for your method you chose the language advert language in Arabic yourlanguage on your laptop and so now we just examine learn how to write weopen Photoshop create a new file Photoshop CC 2018 we open a newdocument clever look excellent guys before begin typing i am usingshortcut key to modify between the languages so i exploit shortcut key ALT +Shift so we swap between the languages between English or do or Arabic so infront of Photoshop you you please determine the choices which is chosen so we justgo to form alternative language alternative and decide on East Asian features ok you seehere it is enabling k after this we go to edit in a filemeaning and alternative decide upon preference and go to style here you you right here guysyou see the choice opt for text engine choices so I pick middle East andSouth Asia ok press ok so it’s just about completed k now guys we choose that optionafter this pick X you need to assess I switch in Arabic language you checkeither simply I begin typing k this one is Arabic and we press authorship yousee the other English language we swap between the languages so it is related swap alter shift start karabklanguage methods to write numbers okay now ourtutorial is the best way to write Arabic numbers that is the biggest write Arabicnumbers in illustrator CC so now again we go to window open a personality okay guys right here is the alternative we selectthat Arabic again we checked our kind and language option it’s core Easternif you see guys we decide on the type choice go to kind alternative and we enablethis option core East East run you you see here there’s extra options isavailable so we opt for the language Arabic report making a choice on and we selectthe Farsi what Farsi digits so a colossal digit numbers so I typing one twothree 4 5 this is the epic numbers which you could say this one just isn’t and after this including guys tips on how to how touse this quantity in Illustrator methods to write these numbers in Arabic how towrite numbers in illustrator CC so effortlessly we just decide on copy copy thisnumber syntax open illustrator select X justselect X and simple taste here guys here you see wejust reproduction and paste six seven eight 9 guys you see very handy means we write ourit numbers yeah in illustrator CC you see you convert the fonts some phones arenot supported this language Arabic language so guys right here it’s on this wayyou are you able to write a enormous letter Arabic numbers in illustrator CC eyes if youlike my video so share it and subscribe my channel thanks for gazing digitalcreations

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