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Lightroom Tutorial Retouching Film Reel

In this video I want to speak to you about film versus digital, let’s do it. All right so, I’ve beenwanting to study movie for the final two yearsI have now not talked a lot about it on the YouTube channel however , I come from an generation I stated pictures in 2005 and i started right awaywith Canon EOS 350D. I under no circumstances shot on film so I used to be like, I gotta study movie I gotta are attempting gotta compare it to digital , just at the least as a studying experience. So I first purchased fromJapan this 4×5 camera on the grounds that I rather wanted to goon the path of Ansel Adams. And oh my gosh, I need to saythis used to be really relatively difficult I even took it with me in New Zealand, I shot like probably 50film and that i received most effective like two photographs that have been quite good uncovered. You realize, it can be quite hardbecause there isn’t any sensors, so that you ought to use an outside sensor, it would be your camera,your phone or other contraptions. And, i have so much respectfor individuals like Alex Burke, who does 4×5 pictures,i will put the hyperlink to his work.He did an mighty booklet abouthow to shoot movie in these days, which I tremendously propose, he doesn’t be aware of i’m talking about him I learn the publication it is potent. So this is rather rough, however then I went to medium structure, this is a medium structure Mamiya 2. I imply this used to be about $2000, this was once $2500, it can be not low-cost to move film however I relatively wanted toget the true excellent stuff. And this one has been rather effortless to use, seeing that it’s obtained a sensor and up to about 1 secondof publicity you’re just right. Above 1 2nd of publicity you need to have an external sensor, your mobilephone, a digital camera, any other gadgets. And this works with 120MM, I’ve accomplished many many snapshot shoots with it I in reality quite enjoy the method. You know, when you shoot of movie you must gradual downbecause you only bought like 12 films before you haveto exchange the movie in it.And the dynamic rangeis quite very slender, i will exhibit you the way youretouch my film images correct after. And it can be only a very a lot slow method but this one is reallyeasy to make use of you understand, it can be very straight ahead and i have to be sincere,aside from a certain appear which i will exhibit you, I failed to see the plus of shooting medium layout movie like, the dynamic variety used to be means manner approach method much less as you are going to see, it can be relatively hotter, it can be only for the lookor the sport of doing it, compared to the DSLR.So I truely stopped taking pictures movies, I preserve it as like a set considering that I in finding digital so much less complicated and truthfully I foundthe result a lot better in digital, in terms of dynamic range. Now, i do not necessarilyhave the film seem even though I created some presets which mimic particularly just about film look. And anyways, let meshow you in a dark room how I retouch these photosand how they arrive out and spot for yourself. All correct this is my work flowonce I’ve taken the image with Mamiya or evensometimes with my 4×5 digicam. I’m going on the darkroom.Com and this is not sponsored I’vejust been using these persons, and so I shoot mediumformat which is 120MM so that you just click on on that.The choice I most likely take is they have got commonplace scan, or greater scans I do the enhanced scan, youget a better decision, you just get more pixel. Prints i don’t do. And, that’s it. So it’s$15 for one , twelve photos, what number of photographs I consider there may be twelve photosin one roll of 120MM. And let me exhibit you what you get. So here i am in lightroom and clearly that is what you get from them, so this is well 6000, yeah it can be virtually like a24 million pixel file, and it is still beautiful just right. The only trouble with film is that the dynamic range is just not loopy, let me show you if I reset this, see if I put in the shadows and that i look this there is a number of noise and you understand if I bringdown the highlights i will be able to get some small print but it surely’s kind of all burned there, you already know that is the concern with this, you do not need the samedynamic variety, with film.So what’s the plus? The plus is the seem you realize, I mean honestly I wasnot style of blown away through the colors there waslike some thing you know, i take advantage of velvia 50, but I kindof just like the black and white let me show you. So this can be a shoot that I did in a park and that i most effective used movie, youknow 120MM with mamiya, and that i converted utilising my preset, my black and white preset,which i’m providing you with without spending a dime the link is under the video. I’ll show you howI do that with lightroom. So here i’m in lightroom and i am gonna show you the fashioned photograph and that i exhibit you the way I usemy black and white preset, which again i am giving you without spending a dime, which just goes a lot turbo.So you’re gonna get all thesepreset black and white black and that i just go through them and find something that i admire, I variety of like that. And it is satisfactory now because these presets had been made for you realize,DSLR and mirrorless camera and it works pleasant on movie its crazy. So I preserve on the alternative key and i do my black pointmaking certain it’s now not too black that is good, my white point ensure I wouldn’t have some thing burn. And then , make it a bit darker and then on my presetsif you go to the circle you’re gonna have a wholebunch of small circles that you just simply position and what they do is theyput somewhat bit of sunshine and you just put it in placesthat you to find intriguing.The entire concept is that it justbreaks the pattern of light it just makes the light, I mean the sunshine was once superinteresting that day, yeah some thing like that. After which here on thegradient, i have a gradient, it can be a bit powerful Ithink with the sky right here so i am gonna just make it like this and i have yet another gradient right here. And voila that’s how Ido my black and white using movie medium format 120MM, it is beautiful sharp you know but it surely has a variety of grain that movie has, it has type of a appear you know, as I stated I’ve done thisalso to study and voila.So that is my workflow on taking pictures film. Speakme about retouchingcheckout the video I did last week on whether or not retouching is dishonest it can be commencing now..

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