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Adobe Illustrator Training – Class 4 – Pen Tool and Shape Builder Tool Urdu / Hindi

Assalamualaikum, welcome to GFXMentor I am your teacher Imran this is our second class regarding pen tool and with pen tool how we can trace , how to use layers and what is shape builder tool ? we will see in details today so come let’s start so first of all we need to take the image which we will trace so i seleted A logo i selected this from this logo is Memphis Grizzlies’s logo this is a basket ball team and yeah it’s quite simple and it is very interesting also it is very simple but it has some curves also so Good practice will happen so i will suggest you to practice on simple things so you can learn it easily and after that you can take it in advance level so i am saving this image so in illustrator if you want to place this image so you need to do that there are two waysfirst is drag and then drop how to drag and drop see this i am coming in my desktop and here is the file which i saved i am bringing this below in illustrator and after coming here i am dropping this this is one way and other method is go to your file menu and place it go in file menu and click in place menu and browse window will open in front of you from here select your logo and place it now In cc (new version of Ai) you will get a image (logo here) attached with the cursor or it will show the any image with the cursor which you want to place but in old version such as Cs6 it will put it directly on the center of the screen so i am clicking here and one thing which is most important i want to say that whenever you will place any image then this image will have a link with it that is by default and it’s symbol is cross sign it’s means that image is not the part of this file but it is linked here so embed it .What is meaning of embed ? embed means it will make this a part of your file so see here you will get embed option or you can call it embed button select this and i am clicking on embed now this is part of artboard and we had placed this ok here the panels given in the right side so you can also put this in open way or you can also use it individual way whenever you need this this icon is know as layers so for opening layers.. ok first i make you understand what is layers layer is like you can say cake (in the middle of cake) cake contains cream sponge, cream sponge and cream sponge in stacking order so these are layers and which do not allow to combine things with the other things in this same way in our illustrator , Photoshop and many in softwares you will get this and it’s benefit is that we use layers on the top of each other so it will not merge with each others and we can edit anytime if we want to edit so this layer is if you see this layer panel you will see a eye icon if i will click on it , it will disappear in equal to this lock if i will click on it then it will be locked and i will not able to work on it it will also be better if you lock it and you can take a other layer on top of it and then start your tracing and i want to tell you one more way so this artwork will disturb you this is very simple solution , select this layer and see this small line button which is known as fly out button ok click on this fly out button and you will get a option (template ) and click on this template button then this layer will automatically will be locked and it’s opacity will decrease itself that is opacity will little bit down so after making template this layer will change into lighter colour and you can do your trace your work easily by taking new layer so it is visible to you and it will not disturb you ok i am using my pen tool to start this and see, this logo is symmetrically made so if i make half and then copy it half then also it will work but i think here little difference is given i mean in this position let see what is going to be happen so i am starting from here , you can start from any corner i am starting from centre so i can copy it half so this is very simple work and you have to click and we need smooth curve here and see here corner is coming so i am clicking on this anchor point and closing this handle correct so in the same way i will draw the complete outline to trace this image if you think some points are not correct so i will suggest you to carry on we will adjust it later one more important thing here fill is on which is not right i will suggest you to off the fill and only stroke will be on because if you will turn on your fill then your artwork will hide behind this ok i am changing it’s colour let’s take red So i am taking bright colour so that it will visible to us i am clicking here don’t worry about this it will adjust later so whenever you will make smooth curve then try try to make your curve handle to align with the coming new lines see like i am doing this here see we traced half here so now it will be better that you zoom it and resolve all the issues related to curve one more thing see here you can manage it by holding the lines also it is not necessary that you have to manage it by curve handle only you can hold it between the line and drag it outside little bit now it will more helpful you can adjust it easily nowsee in this place here issue is big so i am holding this line and taking inwards so for this part it will be better to adjust it by this handle now i am making it little smaller so our half work is completed so i am taking copy of this half part and after reflecting it, i will put here i am doing right click , arrange sorry transform ,reflect and vertical and copy i am putting this here select this by your direct selection then do average and join so let me tell you the shortcut key of average and join .By one short cut this both will be applicable to your artwork yes you can do it by one step control + alt + shift + j ok this will do your average and join in one step again zoom this control alt shift + j see i said you earlier that there is little bit difference here so instead of making complete it will be better to make half then adjust it so it is more easy process so our outline is traced now so we have to make it’s inside part so generally i will make this blue part that is light blue part let’s start with this part that dark blue part we will do it later so first of all take a new layer or you can do it in this layer also but lock this layer so it will not get disturbed one more thing i want to tell you that here the paths contained by one layer will be visible here in different forms so i am locking this path now i am making inside part so if we will make in parts then also there will be no problem so i made half and after that i am going outside don’t worrywhat i am doing will be easily understand by you after some time, this is a interesting way and we can automatically bring this thing here in this part so don’t need to make this complete path repeatedly which is outside so we did this in this way so let me fill this part to make you easily understand this so i selected my first path and then unlocked it and then filled light blue colour over it so i am hiding this for sometime so for this dark part i am picking this colour ok so for picking colour i used eye dropper tool what is the work of eye dropper tool ? you can fill your object by picking colour from other object by this tool if you want to fill your object then select the object in which you want to colour and then click on that object whose colour you want to pic by this eye dropper tool ok if i will on this both layer and i selected this both of them see here the last path is visible to us this is the same thing which is light blue outline and you can easily remove the extra area by shape builder tool so what is the work of shape builder tool let me make you understand about this for example you have two objects here ok select both of them and by shape builder you can join them simply drag them and it will become a single path just like this i am just showing this by only stroke by making my fill off and the second option is that you can cut whatever part you want so i just take my shape builder and pressing alt see now my shape builder is showing plus sign if will press alt button then it will show minus button so if i will press alt and then i will drag this then this part will be cut by this tool so we have to do exactly this work on our logo so i selected both of them one more small shortcut i want to tell you that by pressing control button you can go in selection tool doesn’t matter which tool you are using now i had pressed control button and then i select both of them i am using shape builder and this is showing + sign and if i will press alt then it will show minus sign when i clicked here then it all will remove from here so let’s come here for further things let us trace this blue part let us start hide this it will be no problem i am starting from here ok turn off your fill and on your stroke so i am doing this part in the same way i did earlier i am taking this outside i am picking same colour on this also in our layer i will we will on this blue object we will select both of them so with the shape builder i am doing minus so if will on this layer so we can that we had made this so look it carefully there is a gap between them let us adjust it i am selecting both of them let see this joining with the gap or not keep it little bit closer i selected both of them with the help of shape builder i am joining this i mean i am merging this in upper part also i am using direct selection for making this points nearer to each other by shape builder i am merging both of them this part and this part both are selected ok that’s it so our this things are completed so question is how to make inside details? i will make that inside parts seperately i will make this light blue part and i will also make this, this and this part and our logo will complete after that so as quickly as possible i am starting this i have to adjust it’s curve little bit ok for eye part i am doing this from outside and by shape builder we will adjust it so i am taking a copy of this eye and i am relecting it so let me show you all layers if i will put my layer panels here and show you how layers which i had used then you will easily understand that how many layers i made for this logo so if you see this let me zoom in for you i hided my template layer so this is completed i know this is a long task there are aslo many ways to trace this is a neat process , you know that where to put points and you also know what are you doing ? everything and so you need to practice it i know it is lengthy but it is interesting you can easily trace and one question is why we are tracing ? ok answer is see our original image if i will hide this layer if if you will see this, see i am removing my template let me zoom in for you this is a raster image if we will zoom it then it will look nice at a particular limit otherwise it will look worst if you zoom it more than a particular limit i mean it will pix elate if you zoom it little bit more so if we get a logo which we have to print in very long size then we easily trace and remake this and you know this is vector you can make it large as much as you want i am stopping my class here i hope you got new skills and also knowledge from this class i hope you will practice this video also and you will also share this to your friends that come in this channel , and he is teaching many things i am teaching very excellent i am trying to teach you from basic levels i will teach you many things here many students of mine already know many things trust me this is for those who don’t know anything and those who know this i hope they will get revision from this i hope you liked this video please if you didn’t subscribed yet then please subscribe it if you liked this video then like this otherwise you can dislike it too i have no problem i mean no issue for that so i can know where to improve myself please comment me and talk to me tell me what i can improve i hope you will stay connected with my channel Thank you

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