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SHOOT YOUR HEAD OFF like Oliver Tree (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

What do you think, friends? What do you think of my new collection? That’s right, because I’m working on something very special, There won’t be any version of Cat today, unfortunately. -Let me do the cat copy! Off screen! Hi Yannick here for And welcome to a new episode of Copy Cat Friday. In this weekly series, we recreate visual effects from popular movies and music videos. This week we came across an eccentric artist searching Oliver Tree. In his latest video clip “Hurt” does some crazy things, Like blowing his head into the tank Exactly what we will do today But before we build our own epic tank, I would like first to thank storytellers, It is an online library packed with video effects, transitions, templates and After Effects And high quality 4k stock clips.

Every day, new video assets are added to the growing library You can download whatever you want without having to pay more. For more information, see the first link in the description below. [Music] Really, Yannick is that thank you talking about? -Yes, it’s great! Poof! Poof! I think it’s a cool tank! Anyway, for this purpose, we’ll need 4 shots to make it realistic. The first is the tank that shoots Then you have the effect, roll the head, In the last shot the head is placed on the ground. We will follow the correct order and start with the tank that is shooting. You can shoot this mobile phone and choose frames and put a snapshot of the tank. Then in Premiere Pro we’ll add a muzzle flash effect.

This is an arrow clip of flames bursts of a gun. You can find these in libraries like Storyblocks, But to make it available to everyone, you can download it for free In the description below. Subscribe to the channel at the bottom of the description Just place your tank on the first track in the timeline, Drag the muzzle clip over it. Go to the Effects and Opacity control panel Adjust the blending mode on the screen. This will remove all black from the muzzle clip.

Adjust your position and scale to match it to the tank loop. As an additional effect, you can add a conversion effect to this tank clip. Upgrade your section and then you can move the position up and down And from left to right on the part you pick up. This will create a shock wave effect and will really sell the effect.

Also don’t forget to uncheck “Use fitting shutter angle” And set this to 180 degrees to create motion blur. Subscribe to the channel below the description For the second shot, the setting is very simple. This time use a tripod and film your talent from the side. Let him make a very small impact movement and then stay away from the shot For taking an empty plain as well. In Premiere Pro, you can place the blank snapshot on the first track. Moreover, puts a talent shot. The first thing you can do is repeat the shot to track number 3.

You’ll need this to cut off your head. So look for the point at which your talent shifts the effect. Select the duplicate in path 3, right-click on it and add frame nodes. Select the right clip from the pieces, go to the Effects control panel And select the pen tool in the opacity properties And create an approximate mask around your head. You can then delete all the remaining pieces. Now we’ll move the head so that it flies back.

First you have to nest the syllable, Because we will use the conversion effect, this effect hates masks. Drag the conversion effect to the nested sequence, In the effects controls, you can enable the animation For position and rotation. Go two frames in time And move your head to the left with the position properties. You can also rotate it to make it more realistic. When you are finished, scroll down Uncheck Use Shutter Angle and set it to about 250 To make a lot of motion blur. Next, we need to remove our head from the second shot.

Otherwise, you have two heads, which is strange. Go to the point in your timeline where the section starts on track 3. Make a cut on your second clip and select the left pane. Go to the Opacity properties and take the Pen Tool, Create an approximate mask around your head and select the Invert option. Now that you have a bird’s head, we’ll add some extra effects. First, a bullet tank. From the Project panel, create a black video. Drag this over everything and let it start placing two frames before the effect And turn off one frame after the effect. This will give you a 3-second clip. In the Opacity properties again, use the Pen tool And create a bullet-shaped mask. It’s time to move it. So insert the black video and drag it to the conversion effect. Enable the position animation and move the bullet to the right side of the screen. Then go to the end of the bullet clip and move it to your head. Again, deselect “Use Composition’s Shutter Angle” And set it to 250 to get a motion blur. You also need some blood to make it real.

Just like the muzzle effects, blood clip is stock. As before, you can download one for free in the description below. Subscribe to the channel below the description Add the blood clip to the upper path and let it start to affect. In Opacity Properties, set the blending mode to Multiply, Then adjust the position and gauge to cover your head. Well, there’s one last step to really end it. Bring everything together and end the clip with 5 frames after the effect. Then look for a slight direction in the Effects panel And drag this to your sequence. Create a basic frame for the 2 blur lengths before the clip ends. You move to one frame and set the length of the blur to 16. Finally, set the direction to 90 degrees and expand it to 102%. Subscribe to the channel below the description The rolling head had no visible effect But I want to show you how we did it. This here Martin, which is just the mask we found in a local store. Inside sitting the ball and the bottom is just some leaves in red, That way it looks like blood.

And now we can just wrap this head on the ground And follow it with your camera. For this movement, we’ll use Benro RedDog, It’s a 3-axis stabilizer, which we’ll also create a video about Next week, it’s a really cool gimbal. I’ll leave a link to this link in the description below, subscribe to the channel below the description But this situation holds, you see, That way we can follow the rolling head on the ground, Very close to the ground. Subscribe to the channel below the description This looks so scary! It is supposed to sound like me! Damn, Jordi is a scary kid! Now, for the last shot, we’ll use some practical effects. As you can see originally, Oliver has some wounds in his neck.

Well, we’re going to recreate this. The only thing you need for this is petroleum jelly, flour and fake blood. Make a mixture of petroleum jelly and flour until you have this gooey paste. This you can use to create ripped meat, But first we’ll add a small green screen So we can take out his neck. We took a small part of the green screen and tied it around Jordi’s neck. Then we started adding putty to re-create wounds He ended up with some fake blood. After you’re done, place your head flat on the floor. You can also add more blood to the ground, a final touch. Place the camera as low as you can and shoot. Very important, don’t forget to take a blank shot. In Premiere Pro, we put the blank image back on the first track. The shot falls from the head on the second track.

In the Effects library, look for the Ultra Key effect. Subscribe to the channel below the description Drag this to your head shot and go to the Effects control panel And select the color picker. With this, you can select the green color to remove it. From the Opacity Properties, select the Pen tool and hide your head. bubble! You have a headless head! The only thing missing now is the shadows. But this you can easily create with a matte color. Choose black, drag it under your head in Track 2, Choose the matte color and suppress the realistic shadow shape. Color it to make it blend better and reduce opacity accordingly. Subscribe to the channel below the description What you can do now is put every shot we’ve just made in sequence And you have a wonderful effect! Look, Jordi, I built a tank! Ha ha! I’ve got you, Jordi! Fuck, Yannick! wait a moment… Yannick, this is actually a great idea for tomorrow’s version! And that’s how you can shoot someone using a tank!

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