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Smooth Professional Text Animation in Premiere Pro – TUTORIAL

I will tell you how to do smooth text animation in Adobe Premiere Pro just like this right here in the bottom corner it really makes a big difference between a beginner or a professional and text animator in Adobe Premiere Pro because almost no beginner knows about this or actually does it and it just instantly makes your text animation look so much more professional hey what’s up ladies and gentlemen I mean is Alea and today it’s styptic Tuesday if you want to see more from me be sure to hit that subscribe button also click on the bell icon so you get notified when I upload new videos and check out our website links are in the description we have a bunch to offer for filmmakers but without further ado let’s jump into Adobe Premiere Pro see how we do some really smooth text animation action and let’s get started alright so here we are Adobe Premiere Pro I have a fresh new project and what I want to do is actually create a new sequence right here and I’ll go for a full HD sequence so if we go to settings just a simple 24 timeline and 1920 by 1080 and I will click OK now what I want to do is create a nice text animation and in this case I’m going to be making a kind of lower thirds for people that already know me and have seen my previous videos they know that I have one preferred font that I also will be using in this video it’s called lado so yeah let’s get started let’s click on the text tool right here and then just click in our project maneet or right here so click over here and we’ll write instagram so as you can see I’m already using the font lado right here and I also have some spacing right here so basically we want two windows to be open in order to edit this text one is essential graphics and one is the effects controls the effects controls is used to manipulate any kind of layer we actually zoom in on our layer here we can see that it’s quite short too we’ll make this a little bit longer like five seconds and zoom in a little bit more even okay there we go so for five seconds we have our text and we have our effects controls right here the essential graphics it’s possible that you don’t see that you can go to window essential graphics right here so let’s take a look at the essential graphics first we go to edit click on our text and right here we want to make sure that it’s actually aligned to the left as so so I have the later font and a black kind of act idling which makes it a little bit here makes it look a little bit better then I also make it kind of small right here because it’s something so it’s kind of a lower thirds that we want to do so I’m also going to fit that like this let’s go to the selection tool and actually reposition it even better there we go we can also size it like this there we go and then I’m also right here I actually gave it some spacing we can go for like 150 this really kind of makes it a little bit more cinematic in my personal opinion I think is really there’s a lot if we have it kind of um yeah kind of glued together it doesn’t really look so professional in my opinion it needs some breathing space just like this okay so we have our first text what I want to do is actually click on this layer and my timeline hold alt and drag one on top of it now we have two different layers and on that second layer actually wanna re yet change my text layer first I will go to my selection tool click on that text and actually hold shift and drag it down like this then I want to go to the text tool again select the text double click to change it /e Gnaeus oh yeah for example this is my Instagram and I wish you can also follow by the way but yeah let’s select our text and go here and change this to a lighter phone so we have some variation going on maybe like a regular something like that we can also select it and kind of decide to go for maybe an outcast anyway so this is also pretty cool and also I want to make it a little bit smaller even or we want to make the other one bigger so we have more variations so click on the Instagram double click and maybe make this a little bit bigger just like this so now we have our text we have no animation whatsoever let’s click on the Instagram first and do the animation for this one so actually we want to do an animation in at one second which you can see right here and if we zoom in just a little bit more there we go we can go to our text here and the essential and the effects controls scroll down and here we can animate our position so we want to click on the stopwatch for a position right here at one second because that’s where we want it to be in this exact location then move maybe 2 3 seconds and create another keyframe by clicking on this diamond right here add or remove a keyframe so now you will see two keyframes all we need to do is go to the beginning and now kind of change the position so what we want to do is either play with the Y value or the x value what I want to do is play with the x value and actually kind of get my screen and my text off screen so now we have this animation in as you can see very linear very abrupt nothing professional to it but this is basically what we need in the beginning and at first seconds we actually want to kind of move it off-screen maybe to the right it’s completely up to you but now we have a very standard animation that most beginners will probably end by and just say and just call it a day but we want to take it to the next level and make it smooth but to do this it’s actually really simple what we want to do is select or center two keyframes because actually the beginning keyframe we don’t see because it’s on screen it doesn’t matter we wanted to kind of speed in and come to a slow smooth stop and that’s what it’s gonna make your text animation look professional so select your two keyframes right click and select temporal interpolation continuous busy and as you can see your keyframes will actually change in this kind of hourglass icons and now we have something like this ok it looks a little bit better a little bit smoother but still not quite right what I want to do is open up the arrow here under the position and now you will see these kind of graphics which kind of look kind of daunting if it’s the first time that you’re working with this but it’s so simple to use and if you click on this kind of keyframe right here you can actually see these two kind of anchor points you can actually select these and select this first one right here and click on it hold it and then drag it down and to the left so now we have a kind of fast animation this this ramp is actually very readable you can see it’s very fast right here slowly comes to a stop right here and then boom it goes very quickly away but we want to slowly kind of it’s kind of an elastic animation fact that we want to create here so if you select that second keyframe select the anchor points right here and actually drag the last one down in this case and then also to the right you will see that it slowly ramps up in speed so that’s basically what it does it’s kind of like a skatepark you go fast you come here you slowly go to the next ramp and ramp up and go all the way so now if we look at this animation look how clean and smooth that is it’s so beautiful okay so we have our first animation done what we want to do is do this the second one and then add some finishing touches to make it look even more professional okay so let’s go to the beginning right here for our second one I also go to one second and make a keyframe for each position then go to three seconds and also make another keyframe go to the beginning and this one we want to actually animate on why maybe down like this so it animates up and then maybe we want to animate it off-screen up like this okay again we’re gonna select these two in the center right click temporal interpolation continuous busy 8th we’re going to open up the arrows and select the first one drag it in like this second one and drag it to the right and there we go now we have this kind of animation and if you think something goes too fast we could still go back and kind of go into our graph editor and maybe doesn’t make it as abrupt and just shorten this right here so actually it’s like this first one can make it a little bit shorter and play around with the settings basically okay there we go and it ramps up in speed up I’m actually I want this last one to actually go a little bit faster and go a little bit faster there we go and it’s all about timing honestly but yeah this is just a brief preview on how to do it but as you can see when it comes in or when it actually leaves it’s actually at a pretty high speed but you can see the text clearly in real life if you look at the video is gonna be blurry because it happens so fast and this is going to make it look the very unprofessional if you’re gonna keep it this way so what we want to do is go to the effects right here so go to effects and search for the directional motion blur well actually the directional blur under blur and sharp and if we don’t search we can simply go to video effects blur and sharpen directional blur and drag this onto one of your layers.

So let’s start with this bottom one and what we want to do is actually find that spot when it’s actually in its position that it should come to and click on the keyframe for the blurred length the direction we want to set to 90 by the way or actually zero in this case and then go back a little bit and kind of increase the blur until you’re satisfied something like that now we want to bring this keyframe to the beginning so it actually starts at that size and then also for the second keyframe you want to again lady continues busy and kind of do the same animation we did or the animation itself like this and now you will have a kind of motion blur which make it look a lot more realistic of course maybe this is exaggerated so blur length of ten would do would be more than enough and then at the end we want to do the same thing create a new keyframe and then off-screen we want it to be like a ten again again we want to animate that anchor point okay and maybe even a little bit more than 10 here because we have a faster kind of animation and we can see if we pause the video right here it’s gonna be blurry and that’s exactly what we want because they’re honestly just going to see it and in animation and it’s going to make the animation look a lot more natural and more realistic so let’s go to the second one and do the same here so we’ll just apply the directional blur to the Instagram text go over here to this keyframe where the position is set correctly and click on the blur length here go here also create a keyframe for the blood clan blur length at 0 here and then also change the direction in this case to 90 because we’re working on the X X’s this time then go to the beginning set it at 25 and at the end right here you can use these keyframes as reference 225 so like these Center ones right click continues busy day open up the arrow right here and just select these here and bring it and there you go you have your nice and smooth text animation okay so what you want to do is at the end of your animation we want to trim our video layer down a little bit and on the top you will see these kind of blue bars which you can also use and drag on top of your keyframes just so that the keyframes are entirely covered by this gray area and this way you can actually extend your animation and that will actually follow along with the exact and the keyframes will follow along with the text itself so in the middle you will see the text in the center so that will actually slow down the animation without having to readjust your keyframes you want to make it shorter you can do the same thing boom and now you can see the keyframes actually stick in in position so the intro and the outro stays the same only the center part gets cut out so that’s basically what we want to do to do some a quick and smooth text animations alright so that’s it for this.

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