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Create FILM LOCATIONS that DON’T EXIST – Adobe Tutorial

Welcome to creative Tuesday as filmmakers we can’t always find the right locations maybe you need a specific building in the background or endless open landscape but you also have problems finding the right location let me know in the comments below maybe a next video idea would be about location scouting anyways either you shoot a doll on a green screen but that doesn’t always look so good or you simply change the backgrounds to your needs and this technique is called set extension and it’s used in almost every big production creating a set extension is not that hard but it does come with some complications which we’ll get into but let’s start with the basic principle of a set extension first place your camera on a tripod and film ake landscape then in post-production and this even works inside Premiere Pro you take a clip that has an interesting element place it on top of your shot head over to the effects controls and under rapacity victim mask tool to cut out that interesting element and better your mask a bunch and align it so that it matches with your backgrounds if there’s a color difference then just simply use lumetri to color correct bats and you can keep doing this you can keep adding stock clips of various things as long as their perspective kind of matches with your shots now we get all of our stock clips from story blogs video they’re not just our sponsor but we also make use of their library on almost every project it’s a very big library packed with stunning 4k stock clips and it keeps growing every day you really love it as we can just simply download a little bit of video assets without additional costs and this means we can try out a bunch of clips and if it doesn’t work we can just go back and download a few more I can highly recommend it and you can check it out by clicking the first link in the description below so now that we know how a set extension works let’s add a talent in there we still want to change the backgrounds but the talent sits in the way the one way to fix that is by omitting character talents doesn’t come in front of the area that you would like to add new elements into if you do decide to change the whole backgrounds then you’re gonna have to mask out your subjects now you could go Fredro discover technique and after-effects but honestly I’ve never gotten good results from gnats so I would really encourage here to use a green screen this is a portable one that I can highly recommend it’s pretty cheap and so you can take it with you everywhere the positive thing about pulling green Keys on location is that your colors and lining will always match so what you do is choose your talent in front of that green screen and then move out of the frame and stake an empty shot of your backgrounds going back into Premiere Pro that background shot can go into the bottom and the green screen shot on top use the mask tool again to draw on the inside of the green screen next look for the ultra key effect and drag that over to the shots this allows you to select and to remove the green but since you have your subject on a separate layer now you could place your stock clips on top of your backgrounds but underneath your subjects now one thing that you might be missing now is camera movement since we tried everything from a tripod this was necessary so that your different layers will match what we could do is add fake camera motion in there and we actually have our own preset back with eight different handheld’s motions which you can download for free from a link in your description simply add one of them to an adjustment layer that lays over your entire shots and that’s it if you do would like to adds real motion and you’re going to have to work with a motion control slider or robot arm now we don’t have a robot arm but we do have some motion control sliders and we’ve got one from ito latrone and one from syrup we did a video for both of them which are leave a link to in description below now we are going to use the syrup slider as it’s more suited for heavier cameras basically I can program it to make one specific movements take my shots with a green screen step out of the frame and make that exact same shot again in post-production we pulled the green key and sync the camera movements and you’ll notice now that it matches perfectly adding the background elements in there is going to give a problem since they need to follow the movement as well if we would have set the slider at a constant linear speed you would be able to simply animate the position of those elements and make them follow when there’s a larger movement switch panning and tilting you’re going to need to motion track this and this can be done inside Adobe After Effects Premiere Pro does not have a tracking option unfortunately now I would go for the 3d camera track we’ve covered various times on the channel when the analyzing is done you’ll get a bunch of points right click and choose create snow ants camera then at your element and there make it 3d and copy the transform values of vanilla objects and paste it to the element so that it sits on that same location finally set the opacity back to 100 and that’s it of course when you have no talent in the foreground you could go completely handheld and it’s just really cool as a POV shot first let your talent walk into the scene and then show what she is seeing you don’t need to green P you can just jump directly into the 3d tracking and adding your elements in there color correction is one way to make your objects match better together keep in mind that elements in the background are usually out of focus you can use these sharpness tool for elementary for dads just simply decrease the sharpness now you still have trouble matching everything a simple trick is to add an overlay effects and I’m talking here about Sun flares or weather effects and this you can also find on story vlogs video if you do like to keep it free then check out video texels which is a free stock websites but of course the quality and offer is not the same but it does help to get you started so right here I’ve got a Sun flare place that on top of your entire edit and go to opacity and change the blending mode to screen or ads and this will kind of cover up any mistakes and nuts draw too much attention to it and that’s how you can make any backgrounds that you like.

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