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Digital Marketing Transformation: Teil 1

[Music] the automotive we are completely change our in some ways core business the relationship with consumer and the chance to be really close with the user experience and and the way the customer interact with a brand is really key where potential customers are every day more spending a lot of time on the digital network trying to find information so trying to find assurance before buy something and we need to evolve in order to be where the customer is our goal is to be the consistent consumer journey that is going from offline to online of course being on the digital environment help us also in delivering new kind of messages that are tailor-made are customized and one-to-one and it's also in having a consistent communication Deedle marketing is very important for ie because being Spanish universities our window to the world we are transforming the whole company in digital basis to drive the results and as our market is becoming more competitive and we have to be very very good in driving efficiency never in our campaign LaMotta is quite a traditional business so traditional in terms of market in terms of processes digital marketing can help Lavazza in moving forward in all these fields so building your digital skills first feels like it's a tsunami of information that comes right at you and then you need to grasp what does all this terminology mean from that you can basically build on small blocks of knowledge block by block you understand what all these all these things mean then you build your campaigns with those learnings issue that we have to overcome is the culture of course because we need to have all people at organizational thinking first Vegeta one of the biggest challenges I think is the people he's morally change management on how to adapt to new technologies for me the main challenges tried to labor the digital investment as much as possible in order to move the traditional media channels into a digital approach so one of the big challenges for us is to get stakeholders in the company along with a long term branding strategy something they have to say yes to today and they know they're gonna see the bigger results only in the long run not today tomorrow next week

this is the test

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