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Adobe Audition CS6 Tutorial

Hello, this is Mike Russell from At the end of this video head over to our website and sign up with your name and email to get more audio production tutorials as soon as they’re available. Now, the day that this is recorded is the day Adobe Audition CS6 has been released! And it should be an exciting day for audio producers all around the world. I’m going to give you a brief guide and tutorial to getting started with Adobe Audition CS6. First of all you’ll notice the media browser over here. Fantastic feature about this is you can look through your whole library of effects and voice overs and if you click this button here it’s the ‘Auto-Play’ button which, yes it’s back for CS6 [sound fx] you can autoplay [sound fx] all of the sound effects in your library. Many other features from the PC version of Adobe Audition have been restored, thankfully, in Adobe Audition CS6. You’ll notice now at Music Radio Creative we’re working on Macs because they’re brilliant and fast but I won’t get into that debate. Maybe I’ll let you debate that in the comments.

Now an exciting tip I’m going to show you in this tutorial is how to sync up two separate voice overs to be exactly the same in length. First of all I’m going to open a file from Myma, our English voice over artist on, let’s go for “anytime and anywhere”. Open that one, play it [anytime and anywhere] and then I’m going to start a new audio file by hitting command, shift and N on the Mac and I’ll call it ‘Mike’. Then click OK and start recording and I’ll try my best to say ‘anytime and anywhere’ exactly the same as Myma said it [anytime and anywhere]. But I doubt I’ll have got it perfect. Let’s trim that down by selecting the dead space and hitting the delete key.

And then we’ll go to multitrack and I’ll call this ‘Mike’ again. Once you get to multitrack you can pull in your audio file so first of all the Myma original. Drop that in there, you’ll notice another great feature of CS6, when the wave is selected it glows! Amazing. And then I’ll drag in my ‘anytime and anywhere’ and yes you’ll probably notice they’re not quite the same in duration, they’re not going to sound great if you play them together [anytime and anywhere]. Not bad but not exactly spot on. And when we’re making radio sweepers sometimes we like to mix the male and female voice and have them speaking at exactly the same time in sync. Before I used to have to mess about and cut and paste and time stretch – everything to get it sounding right. Now, in Adobe Audition CS6 they’ve made it really easy, you just select both waves like so. Right click and – Automatic Speech Alignment – it’s a new feature using the reference clip Myma there.

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