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How to Clone Yourself Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial

This video is made possible by the support of Squarespace I use Squarespace for with the website I’m able to easily drag and drop new logos such as my Pride Month logo to celebrate pride and you can save now the logos up to date I also keep all of my gear up to date just by dragging and dropping images and adding links with just a click of a button and you can go to and get 10% OFF to get started to make a site to promote your own YouTube channel and it will give you lots of templates to start from and now here’s the tutorial on how to clone yourself in Premiere Pro Hey Everybody and welcome back to Gal in this video I’m going to show you how I clone myself <OMG> <excise me> <how many times I do have to tell nobody likes this introductions just get to the tutorial that’s what they’re here for> <not true at all No people like to get setup guys just to explain what’s to come> why just fast forward so first off why would you even want to clone yourself well cloning has been done by many acapella musicians like Mike Tompkins for doing cool music videos showing how he plays multiple instruments and also in Hollywood such as Parent Trap where Lindsay Lohan was duplicated to make it look like she had a twin now to clone myself I use a tripod to fill myself in four different locations doing 4 different things so you see here I’m setting up the lights in different locations and I’m not crossing paths with the other Gals in the scene so then I got four different shots recorded with the tripod and this is what they looked like all next to each other here but then the next step is to take this into Premiere Pro and then add a mask to each layer to produce this awesome effect so let’s go ahead and jump on in so just to break it down here I film this all in one take and I just chopped it up and stack them on top of each other so you have video layer one two three and four so right over here if I turn off video layer four you can see that I go away if I turn off video layer three the Gal on the Left disappears and if I turn off video layer two I disappear on the right and then the main video clip is me coming to sit down which is the base clip so I come in the screen here then video layer two is on and what I did is I created an opacity mask so you can see the mask that I created over here so I basically only am showing this part of the frame so that way I don’t cut over top of me sitting here in the chair now let me turn on video layer three same thing opacity mask but on the right so you can see I have a mask around me here on the left and then over here if I turn on this layer this is a little bit more complex of a mask because I had to go around this light here you click on this you can see what that looks like so let’s go on over here to the demo and you can see I have all four Clips here stacked on top of each other but we have to get started here so you see if I turn off all these layers it’s just me sitting there so I come into frame and I sit down now let me turn on the second layer here and this is me walking and frame on the right so I’m not here I need to draw a mask around me so to do that what I’m going to do is just select video layer two and then go up to opacity and select the pen tool and I’m just going to click click click click and click now this one’s pretty easy mask because there’s not too much intersecting going on there is a moment where my hand reaches out so see right here I just have to be careful that my hand doesn’t overlap here because what happens if I go like this you can see it cuts off my hand in my body so you got to keep it over here but also make sure that this light stand is fully there all right so that mask is done and that looks good you can also add a little bit of feathering around the mask so that way it blends in better so if I click off you can see you don’t see the mask at all if I click back on and I don’t add any feathering on the mask its zero you can see there’s a little bit of a line there it’s very settle but just so it blends in I highly recommend adding in a mask so it just blends in much better all right so this mask is done now let’s go to video layer 3 and I need to add a mask go to opacity click on the pen tool and I’m just going to click click click click and click alright so now we have this mask and you can reduce this down to 50% so you can bring it off screen like so and that should work so then you just fit and now you can also add some feathering as well just a little bit and now we have three of the Gals here so now when we play it back and kind of scrub through you can see that there’s a problem here so what happened is is that this layer here comes in too early because it’s cutting me off below so to fix that I’m just going to shift it over so when I come into frame here and I sit down that’s when this layer of me coming in on the right can come in so I can roll this edit back and move this over and so there we go we’re in scene so then the last clip we turn it on this is where I just come in at the last minute so as I come in over here on the right I’ll just roll this edit back and then I’ll create a mask and then we can refine it so let’s go up to effect controls go to opacity and then just quickly draw a mask around here and once I close the mask you’ll see me appear in the other scenes because these exist below this okay so what we need to do now is make sure that this mask goes directly around this light so it doesn’t cut it off so this is where i zoom into a 150% and I hit the alt/option key to make this rounded like so and really get this as close as possible around the edge here and then we can scrub through just to make sure that my shoes don’t get in front of the mask so then here that works and then just here my foot gets cut off so we need to drag that down like so until my feet are in the shot and you can add another point just so my hand doesn’t get in the shot so that’s how we did the last one and then we’re done we have four different masks for different Gals in the scene and this is the final effect so I hope that you guys enjoy this awesome tutorial and put it to practice and start cloning yourself for your next project if you guys have any questions at all sure to leave a comment below I like to see what you guys say so be sure to do that and also give this video a thumbs up if you like this type of tutorial if it gets to a 1000 likes that would be super cool and if you guys want direct message support or some templates that I design myself each month you guys can head on over to and become a patron so that’s all for this video and I’ll see you guys next time bye

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