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Photoshop Tutorial : How Do You Put One Picture Into Another in Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is a registered trademark
of Adobe Systems Incorporated. I am in no way affiliated with Adobe. Hi, I'm Steve Anthony.
I'm a photographer and digital retouching artist here in New York City. In this clip,
we're going to take a look at how to insert a picture into another picture in Photoshop.
In this case, we're going to…and we're going to start with a poker chip. And you know what
might be fun? Let's put a picture of ourselves on our poker chip. So that's our one picture,
and here's our other picture. Now, you can see that this picture's probably going to
be larger than the poker chip. I'll show you how to deal with that, too. It's a little
bit of a two-in-one. So what we'll do is select our elliptical marquee tool.

I'm going to
draw a circle around that part of the picture that we want to add to the other picture.
And that should be just about right. Now, use your move tool to move around the marquee
until you get just the part of the picture that you want. And then go to edit, copy.
And go ahead and minimize this picture, and we'll reopen the poker chip. And then we'll
go into the edit menu, paste. And again, you can see that that's larger than we need it
to be, so we go to edit, transform, scale. Hold down the shift key again to keep it relative.
Size it down to where you want it. Using your move tool, grab it, set it in place. And there
it is, in the most simple terms, how to insert one picture into another picture in Photoshop..

this is the test

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