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1-Minute Photoshop – How to Change Background (Episode 1)

Today I'm going to show you how to change
the background in Photoshop in just one minute! So, first of all, have both the subject and
the background open and then simply just go ahead and drag the background layer over the
subject document just like that and drop it over there. Now, if you want to adjust it using the move
tool, just simply adjust it just like this. Now, once that is adjusted, take the background
just below the subject and make sure the subject layer is selected. Now, select any selection tool and click on
"Select and Mask" at the top. Now, once you are in Select and Mask, make
sure the view is, don't worry about the background right now, make sure the view is Onion Skin
and the Transparency is somewhere around 50 percent. Now, with the help of Quick Selection Tool,
you can just simply go ahead and paint on the subject just like that and if you wanna
refine the edges, if the edges are not looking nice, with the help of Refine Edge Tool, just
simply paint on the edges just like that and you're pretty much good to go.

Now before you hit OK, just make sure that
you simply go ahead and select Output To: Layer Mask, hit OK once you are satisfied. Now, you have changed the background. If you wanna adjust the background, select
the background and with the help of Move Tool, just adjust it and there you go!.

this is the test

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