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How to Design a Website in Photoshop CC 2015 [1/48] | Adobe Photoshop Tutorial 2017

Make money by creating templates for professional websites using Photoshop Hi, I'm Dan and I will guide you throughout this lesson How to create professional website models with Photoshop These are the skills operators are looking for Also, user interface design / user experience design skills are highly rewarded I started my life as a graphic designer But I discovered that there was strong competition and the pay was not very encouraging I entered the world of web design and started my career off I created this lesson for beginners People considering changing their profession with a web design profession And for new people in the world of sites And also for developers who lack prior training in design We cover everything you need to design your first prototypes Without delving into knot issues During the course you will create a website Model creation agency and interface development for phone, tablet and computer You can download workout files and work with me You can use printable PDF files Work on your own and create your own notes I will teach you how to prepare new documents And how it works on the interfaces of the phone, computer and tablet You will easily be able to pick out the colors And fonts and preview them on iPhone or iPad You will learn how to edit pictures And create full backgrounds at the same time Submit all files you need to your website Do not forget that I will be close to you to help you When you are finished, you can send me your files I will look at it and make suggestions if necessary It is time to improve your skills Get a better job and dazzle your customers Make money by creating templates for professional websites using Photoshop

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