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Illustrator CC基本課程2 裁切影像【中文字幕】

Hello, I'm Xia Rongqing Illustrator CC 2017 version Provides the function of cropping dot matrix images Please see the next steps First of all I am in Illustrator CC 2017 Created 4 different size web banners The other 3 pictures have been put in Now let ’s take a look at the leftmost Please go to the file and select Find this picture I want to place cherry blossoms Put this photo in After selecting the placement, I can drag directly on the screen Pull out the size I want After finishing There is one in the top control option Crop image Click to it It will tell you Originally placed pictures are all linked It will become embedded after selecting the crop So i have to press ok Here it will appear control options in 4 corners So we can adjust it Hold the mouse to adjust Change the size of one of its crop boxes Adjusted If I now want to crop this place in the bottom right corner Then I can also move the mouse to the middle Drag slightly to the lower right corner At this time, I dragged this box to cut it out.

After finishing Select the control at the top to apply it And then I move it to where I want it That's it There are several considerations for cropping images We can go to the window first Pick a link When you execute the command to crop the image once You can notice Here it will become an embedded file We can compare again If you choose to place it under the file at this time Select another picture and choose to place Drag it down At this time you can see that it will retain its file name There will not be this little symbol at the end The description below will also tell you Its format is a linked file So this is the first thing it should pay attention to the second Let's say I'm targeting this picture at the bottom right Let's take a closer look I also choose to crop the image Press OK We can notice When cutting You can drag these four controls around But at this time you can only change the size of its crop box At this time you cannot scale the size of the photo This is the second thing to note After we finish, we choose to apply At this point the picture becomes smaller So let ’s take a third note Can I continue cutting after finishing it once? can You choose the cropped image But you can only cut smaller and smaller You can't cut the original part Restore it back This is the third part to be aware of when performing cropped images Welcome to subscribe to my Youtube channel Receive notifications whenever new videos become available Never miss a new movie

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