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Become A Pro Graphic Designer In 2020 | Podcast 01

so welcome back to Satori graphics
everybody and today is a slightly different kind of video because I've
actually got a kind of podcast for you today and we're going to be talking
about the six different steps for success as a graphic designer
heading into 2020 now today's upload isn't going to be a visually orientated
because it's mainly just a podcast so you're gonna be using your ears you
might be laying down you're walking somewhere or on a bus or train but where
if you are tuned in and listen along to my six steps for success as a graphic
designer head into 2020 will actually settle on a final choice for a camera I
will actually do these podcasts on camera but for today just relax and
listen to what I've got to say about success as a graphic designer
now the first one is micro goals I'm gonna explain exactly what that is but
firstly before you set up goals for yourself for micro goals you're actually
want to have a clear end goal in size so you want to have something that you want
to achieve in mind and you need to be absolutely positive and sure of that
final stage so let's say for example you want to gain 20 new finds in 2020 that
can be your end goal but you need to also realize the micro goals to get to
that position actually visualizing your process and your path to your end goal
is really really crucial but also powerful to your success so that's
example let's go back to the 20 clients or 20 new clients for 2020 you're gonna
need to set up things like a portfolio you're also going to need have a tried
and a true method for actually contacting clients and getting your foot
in the door so to speak you might also need to update your logo your branding
and all of these you know small steps in the process
without having a clear sight or path to your end goal
it's like embarking on a trip or a journey without the kind of map or
sat-nav or a compass you're going to get lost along the way you're not gonna have
a clear idea of where you're going so the first tip today for you know six
tips for success as a graphic designer is to set micro goals and follow them to
your end goal think of it as like stepping stones or steps towards that
end goal I would actually write them down or use a kind of software such as
Milla nodes where you can actually map out your plan on your journey for 2020
so the second tip for success as a graphic designer or just a business
person in general it's actually to learn a new skill every single week or if you
can every single day this isn't just going to boost your confidence and keep
you you know working on yourself as a person but you're actually going to
learn skills that are going to help you in your journey to success as a designer
or a business person so that might be something like learning a new Ellis
traitor' function or you might learn a new logo design technique or something
as small as learning a new terminology and graphic design just try and better
yourself as a person in terms of you know the niche that you're working in
every single week or every single day when you keep trying to better yourself
and improving or what you already know you're putting yourself in that mindset
in that kind of headspace we're going to keep improving and growing as a designer
so the third tip to success is actually really really powerful and its really
easy to do as well and that is when you do get a new clients the very first
project that you work on together try and over-deliver on that project now
this is hugely powerful because in today's world there are many people and
many designers who are lazy and they offer the bare minimum of work energy
and time spent on the clients so if you over deliver that client is going to be
really wowed and you know taken aback by your approach this is gonna make you
stand out in the mind are you going to leave a really great impression within
that first project so say for example you tell the client
that you can offer three pre logo designs or initial ideas should I say
within seven days try and get to them those three ideas but in four days we'll
deliver say five in five days or seven days just a bit deliver and what they're
going to expect of you and you will see the benefits of this later down the
roads try and do this on every single first project that you work on with a
client in 2020 and just watch how well your business is gonna grow because of
it this is something I firstly done over the years and it is a really huge and
powerful technique for success as a graphic designer at a fourth tip for
success is something I kind of stole from Nike and that is their slogan of
just do it now whatever you think about Nike you know just drop that for a
moment that's slogan just do it if you think about it it is really hugely
powerful I can guarantee that most of you if not all of you at some point have
procrastinated and just put something off over and over again if you just
adopt this slogan or this you know mantra of just do it you will start to
see how powerful it is because often the case is that just starting a project or
just starting that thing that you don't want to do is the hardest part once you
actually get into it it's kind of easier from there after so it might be part of
a project that you're really dreading or something that's really tedious and
boring just do it just throw yourself into it and see what happens because
I've discovered that most of the time it's a lot easier after that initial
hurdle mentally of just starting that thing that you don't want to do so the
penultimate tip for success as a graphic designer in 2020 is to spend at least
and that is at least 30 minutes a day looking for new clients you don't expect
clients just to come to you you know even if you've got a portfolio or a
website don't expect them just to flood into the door and you know ask you for a
logo design or a brochure whatever unless you've got a huge and a huge
following on social media for your you know
ranking on the first page of Google that's not gonna happen so if you're
finding how to gain lots of clients every single day spend 30 minutes
looking for those clients now you can search Twitter hashtags such as graphic
design jobs or Luger design or logo design needed just check on Twitter for
those hashtags and their search terms there's also things like Facebook groups
and social media in general is just a hub and a hive for people looking for
graphic designers if you look for it also don't ignore the potential for
locally sourcing graphic design jobs you know check around locally because there
are going to be people who need jobs especially if you contact family members
and friends or friends and stuff like that but also I say spend 30 minutes
looking for clients also try and improve your methods as well so right templates
that are really engaging and really sell yourself and your skills and who you are
as a graphic designer and so the last tip today for success as a graphic
designer 2020 is to update your portfolio now I'm gonna hop hands up
right here I'm really guilty of this because I'm strapped for time right now
but I really need to update my portfolio as the projects have gone there are at
least at least three and more years older so three five ten years old and
also I want to change the style of my portfolio you know doesn't reflect Who I
am at the moment it kind of reflected who I was five years ago but not right
now so just try and update your portfolio and make sure reflects who you
are your skills the niche that you want to operate in and make sure it's got
your most recent projects in there because as you evolved as a graphic
designer and pick up new skills your most recent projects are probably going
to be the ones that are better now you might want to use something like Adobe
portfolio and I did make a video on that and I personally probably going to use
that to update my portfolio hopefully this year sometime if I find the time to
do it that is so yeah those were the tips on success as a graphic designer in
2020 and I hope you enjoyed today's video I know it's a little bit different
and I will try and whack some kind of visuals on there
but like I said in the future I will try and look to getting my camera
because I'm not still set it on what Cameron wants to get yet but you do let
me know what you thought of today's upload and there is gonna be more
Illustrator content and other content on my channel three to four times every
single week if you do an app on my channel just share it to somebody on
social media who you think will benefit from my graphic design content and until
next time guys design your future today peace

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