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Optimizar Lightroom para que vaya más rápido

Very good and welcome to this new video. I'm Guillem Calatrava and today I'm going to talk about how to optimize lightroom how to get it going faster and more fluid so inside video ok before we go into configuring lightroom in millimeters a couple of tips the first tip working with a solid hard drive is to say from ssd drives that are called are going to make live go much faster and also the operating system and other home that you use so now you just know how to change the hard drive and you will see that it is a great change second tip many times we invest a lot of our photographic equipment optics in filters on camera and little on the computer we have a little neglected this is one of what the army is and you intend to work with lightroom or any other editing software I of you would consider buying a new computer one talking a little bit more powerful especially with hard drive solid ssd and ram according to adobe the minimum required are 4 gigabytes they Recommend 8 and I will tell you that more if you have the possibility of putting 12gb better and if you can put and 6 better the more the better so we go to the computer and we will see the air preferences well the computer we are going to do several little things so that the iron is more fluid through example I work as I was saying with a main ssd disk which would be that this from here the hd macintosh that where I have in the operating system the softwares and the one in this folder of the air a temporary the era a temporary are the photos I am currently working on are photos that I want to have in quick access and I want you to go fast on your load your edit etcetera so so much I have them on this main disc when you're done editing us what I do is drag them for example highlights that this folder say I already have worked because the reason simply to my external hard drive of 2019 look here up as they are moving the folder automatically lightroom already orders me on hard disk, that is, it removes even this folder from this site, it puts it in this case in the nas that I have and I already have my photos here accessible both from the library like from windows games or from twitter I'm done copying this folder to the external hard drive and I'm going to touch now the preferences in mac I have it here in lightroom classic and preferences in the case we are working with windows we will go to edit and then We have preferences here, for example, I have to deactivate the screen of I start the saleh type ones that the lightroom square when we open the software I have disabled the truth if they are 0.5 seconds faster but hey I don't need to have the screen start with which I have it disabled what else can we touch around here in presets it is important that the location is not marked in this option the location is where the courses are stored, so decided if we have it checked, the settings will be included in this catalog, so if We work with various catalogs, some established adjustments, some prices that we have in one catalog we will not have them in another if we have it unchecked in the settings the presets are shared in two catalogs with which we will always have access and apart we will lighten the size of the catalog so I am going to recommend that you have it activated we now jump to the performance preferences option here ideal have activated using the graphics processor this will depend on the card grace that we each have our prayer one thing or another but if we have our graphics card good a great powerful is going to make lightroom go more fluid also then the cache I don't have it configured at 20 gigs and I think it will be better for me here where you will save all the information that We are adjusting different photos and it will make us go many more much more fluid if we have it in two gigs right away it's going to fill if we expose a stupid amount of gigabytes that will not occupy us much hard disk space with which I recommend that we have it in 20 over everything that you do not have on an external hard drive but that we have on your own system hard drive so that it is also more fluid and remember with the I go down with ssd even more noise and every now and then I do a cache purge it's say when I've worked with a photo shoot I don't need these settings are live is to say that when I click on the photo I can see them right away, I can take a few seconds because those photos are already exported you have sent the client and I already have companies or whatever with which I can because I shut up and Asia the light this this cache that I have here stored and it was also that even more fluid likewise I can limit the video cache size in this case I have it configured as it comes by default but in 3 gigabytes because because I don't authorize lightroom to edit video with which I will not occupy cache in this case and then you see the instructions of here I have them have been marked in this way so that I also pay the way that I of a control or that they go more agile lightroom and then that we have optimize catalog and go to courses of each something the first option as his name will use padlock we will simply apply on it we tell optimize and for a few minutes depends on the size of our catalog will to optimize it has been waited a few seconds and we will have it ready in this case I have a catalog that is tiny the truth then explain another thing in the catalog also to make them go faster we have four courses catalog here gives me some information from the catalog also what I have saved on the same main hard drive so that I can also see quickly the open and others I can go to my files section here I can modify the cache default preview I have it well automatic at 3.960 before I had a slightly slower computer and we had it set to 1440 pixels to make it a little faster the truth in this case you don't notice the speed difference that has increased or decreased or anything when when I have automatic and natural rhythms of great gift and ready in the professional quality and I have a medium success that is high nor be low and then discarded the life-size benefits that is those photos that I warn to edit to work to the precise of brush or what well then I just 20 days of not using it for automatically they go and these she maybe the basic construction for which lightroom go fluid another have to make the album go much more smoothly I finish it quicker than the photo catalog we have for example as you see I have a catalog that I have photos of 2018 those of 2019 and the ones I am currently working on attends in time as I said before I always had all my photos here that is a bookstore of more than 100,000 photos with photos from 2013 to the present had a 6 gb catalog and this made the pilot whale very slow with what What were moments that was a little bit maddening and why does he want you all the photos at my fingertips if I really don't need them situations and those are the last ones so I have decided to simply work with the current and previous year for access to photos and latest and up to there the ideas other photos I have to keep them in a catalog that it is saved on an external hard drive and also with a backup copy in the cloud with which I will always be able to access it open it and if I have to look for older photos because I'm going to open it and that's it well that's all I hope you can apply at least one of the tips that I have explained and with this it helps us that the ivm goes faster than it goes more Beyond that, remember that it is very soon to start a new course ironman line I leave you here above the link that we have in the description and nothing so i will go over your lightroom doubts about learning how to use this software you know signed up for the course see you in the next video

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