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Procreate vs Photoshop – Best Digital Painting Software for Beginners

you know that procreate and Photoshop are the best digital painting software out there in this video we are going to compare both and I'm going to tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them what's up guys Lucas here I'm a professional concept artist and illustrator working for the video game industry and if you're new to the channel welcome here we talk about all sorts of art related content so if that's something that you like subscribe let's start the comparison with one of the most important things the price a few years back Photoshop used to be a one-time payment software around $800 but since the CC versions Adobe decided that it was time to change into a subscription mode the price of that subscription is around 10 dollars per month but for a lot of people that make their living using the software it didn't sound quite like a good idea the reason being of course that if you subscribe to the software and you plan to use it for your entire life you will end up paying Adobe way more than the $800 right on the other side you can get procreate in the App Store for 10 bucks so in the price category it really it's a no-brainer procreate absolutely wins second point usage in the industry Photoshop has been the industry standard for years and years so if you plan to do this thing professionally you will find that in every scenario Photoshop is the tool to go is the stander in the studio is the standard in the company does that mean that professionals do not use procreate not at all like a lot of mic workers use procreate in their personal use but not any of them that I know use Procrit for their professional work so in the industry standard definitely Photoshop is the winner comparison point number three versatility Photoshop has always been meant to be a photography software and of course you can see it in the name right Photoshop now of course a lot of time has passed and the Photoshop has a lot of tools dedicated to artists but still you can see that you have all the bulk of tools for photography photo manipulation and and even animation like a million things more right instead you have procreate on the other side that you can imagine it as kind of stripped out version of Photoshop that doesn't have anything else than the painting tool so if we are talking about versatility in Photoshop you can do a thousand more things that you can do in procreate point goes to Photoshop point number four let's talk about the hardware to be able to use Photoshop you need a reliable machine it's not like you need the latest graphics car then like thirty two gigabytes of RAM but you need a decent computer that unfortunately gets you only half way there because after that you need a graphic tablet that is a Wacom or any of the other brands that are out there that combo costs a lot more money than you would think on the other hand if you want to start using procreate what you need is an iPad but also you need the Apple pencil those two things together will cost you less than what a good computer with a graphic tablet costs so all of this means that if you already have a good computer maybe you will be better if you invest only on a Wacom or another tablet on the other hand if you do not have a reliable computer yet then maybe you are better getting yourself an iPad with an Apple pencil that are cheaper together so in hardware the decision is yours to be honest because it really depends on what you are looking for what what works for you the best let's talk about point number five that is innovation let's be honest here Adobe is a gigantic company with probably tens of thousands of employees that means that changes innovations or improvements take a long time to happen on the other side savage the creators of procreate are our company that really consists of only a handful of people that really pay attention to everything the community says and the community asks that means that updates happen superfast and in every single one you can see massive improvements sewing innovation the point goes to procreate let's talk about point number six brushes Photoshop has always had some problems to store your brushes that's the reason why I use tool presets instead of brush presets but that's me brushes in procreate on the other hand are super nicely organized I love how procreate organizes their brushes the problem is that it doesn't matter which one has the most beautiful display of the brushes the truth of the matter is that Photoshop has been out for so many years that the amount of brush packages and brush possibilities that you have for Photoshop is just infinite instead in procreate even though if that selection is growing fast you're you're still very limited so you are pretty much on your own to make your brushes or stick with the default ones another disadvantage of procreate in the in the brushes is that most probably you are already a Photoshop user right because Photoshop is the industry standard so everyone uses Photoshop and that means that you probably have euro brushes your own brush selection that you use every single day the problem is that you cannot import Photoshop brushes into procreate so that means that you are stuck without your trusty brush collection that you use in Photoshop so in brushes it is a close one but the point goes to photoshop point number seven let's talk about the productivity I have being a Photoshop user for more than a decade now that means that by now I am pretty much used to the tools in Photoshop so for me personally there is no question I am way faster in Photoshop that I am in procreate one of the main reasons for that is that I can use the keyboard in Photoshop and you can use a keyboard also in procreate but the problem is that you cannot bind the keys you have to get used to another key bindings now that is just my personal opinion because a lot of other artists I know say that the gestures are way faster than trying to navigate menus so we'll say that this one is also a draw none of them gets the point because if you start using Photoshop you will be faster in Photoshop if you start using procreate you will be faster in great point number eight horsepower you know that Photoshop is going to win this one look it really doesn't matter what ipad you get this one is the biggest one that they sell and still is way smaller than your average monitor another one is the platform in procreate you're limited to the iPad of course so that means that you have to use iOS instead if you use Photoshop you can use a full-fledged Mac a full-fledged Windows and that gives a lot more possibilities right using procreate you are limited to a battery dependent device that means that you're going to to be stuck to a wall 16 hours a day drawing in this thing so yes in horse power of course Photoshop wins and point number 9 accessibility Photoshop is overwhelming I remember still the first time that I got inside of the of the software and that thing was scary as I don't know if you felt like that but I remember seeing the men use the tools and it was just like so much so much information and so many options that I really did I know where to go or where to start it just doesn't feel artist friendly you know what I mean on the other hand procreate is made to be simple is amazing that UI is super clean super friendly you have like zero options all the options are hidden beneath other options so that you are not confused it is very artists friendly so in accessibility of course the winner is procreate so that gives us three points for procreate and four points for Photoshop so for me Photoshop is the winner but for you it may be different some of the of the reasons that I mentioned above Colby could be heavier for you than they are for other people for example let's say that your traditional artist art is really just your hobby and you want to try digital painting then most probably I would go with procreate because it would be a cheaper option and also way more accessible than trying to learn the whole Photoshop program right if you cannot pay that $20 every single month instead you can just pay $10 and procreate is for eases yours forever of course you're going to prefer procreate than Photoshop so yes it really it really depends on who you are and what you're looking for but I hope that this this comparison helped you make the decision question guys which one is your favorite procreate or Photoshop I told you already that mine is Photoshop but yeah I would love to hear from you guys why which one and why is your favorite that's it for me guys thank you very much for watching this video till the end please leave me a like if it was useful and of course subscribe for more art related content and I'll see you guys on the next video bye [Music] you

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