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Photoshop 2020 NEW Features & Updates EXPLAINED!

hi welcome back to the I'm mrs. Ramirez I'm currently in Los Angeles California getting ready for the Adobe MAX conference Photoshop 2020 will be released tomorrow and in this video I'm going to show you my favorite features make sure that you stick around to the very end of the tutorial because I will show you my favorite feature then if the tutorial gets a little long for you then just fast forward to about minute 18 and you'll see my favorite new feature of this release of Photoshop okay let's get started with the tutorial one of my favorite new features in Photoshop 2020 is the object selection tool you can find it here in the tool bar the quick selection tool is no longer the default tool the object selection tool works a lot like the Select subject feature you might have seen me use this feature before in a lot of my tutorials the way it works is you can simply click on select subject and photoshop's artificial intelligence uses machine learning technology to make a selection out of the main subject of the image what the object selection tool allows you to do is apply that same command but you can define the area so let me deselect and click and drag to select the woman on the left notice that the object selection tool does a really good job in making that selection notice that it missed part of her shoe you can add to the selection by holding shift and clicking and dragging to let photoshop and make that selection you can subtract by holding alt on windows option on the Mac and clicking and dragging and the artificial intelligence will figure out where to deselect from if you're not giving the appropriate results you can always come back and continue fine-tuning the selection using any of the other selection tools like the lasso tool I can hold shift click and drag and add that piece of a shoe back into the selection from here I could click on the layer mask icon to remove the background Photoshop 20/20 now is a consistent transform behavior if you remember and a couple of releases ago Photoshop changes away it constrained when you transform so when you click in director transform a selection you still have to hold shift to keep it constrained you no longer do some people didn't lie that and it's understandable muscle memory makes you always hit that Shift key and now when you hit that shift key then you distort the image and you don't constrain it proportionately in the previous list of Photoshop Adobe added a feature of enabling the old way of doing this if you press ctrl K command key on the Mac under general you can see the use legacy free transform and you can check that and then the old way of holding shift will come back but I'm gonna cancel this because that is not the best way of doing it now with Photoshop 20/20 when you press ctrl T command T to transform you'll see this chain-link icon and now that chain-link icon is tied to that behavior notice that this chain-link icon is checked so I can click and drag and I'm not holding shift and the image is constrained if I disable that you can click and drag on the corner handle and now I have to hold shift to constrain it so this chain-link icon below determine the behavior for the shift key when transforming layers and it will affect all layers equally pixels and vectors so there's really no need for the checkbox in the Preferences panel the next feature is a great new addition for people who paint an illustrator in Photoshop I have the brush tool active what I'm gonna do is adjust my brush so I'm gonna click on the brush settings and I'll increase the hardness to 100% reduce the spacing and I'm just gonna click and drag on this point so now I have a flat brush tip and I'll reduce the size of my brush so notice my brush tip now and the reason that I did this was so that I could show you one of the new features you now have a keyboard shortcut that allows you to rotate the brush so notice that when I paint if I tap on the right arrow key the brush rotates see that is rotating to the right now I'm going to tap on the left arrow key and it rotates the other way you can hold shift in tap on the right arrow key to rotate the brush in larger increments and obviously the same thing happens when I hold shift and tap the left arrow key on the keyboard you probably notice that as I'm rotating the brush the angle in the brush setting changes see that I'm holding shift and tapping the right arrow key see how that's rotating and also in the options bar we have this new rotation input box so you can rotate the brush using the angle input box in the brush settings the angle input box in the options bar or by using the keyboard shortcut shift and tapping on the arrow keys or simply tapping on the arrow keys by themselves without tapping the shift key the only difference is the shift key is that you rotate in larger increments and these are not the only new keyboard shortcuts there's actually one more the tilde key which is right below the Escape key on the left hand side of your keyboard in most American keyboards now acts as an eraser so when I paint I can tap on the tilde key and erase so this is a great way of easily toggling between painting and erasing with the current brush that you have active next we're going to talk about the zoom to layer content keyboard shortcut it's a keyboard shortcut that I'm sure I'll use a lot the way this works is that Photoshop can zoom in directly into any content now what I mean by that is if you hold alt on windows option on the Mac and click on the layer thumbnail Photoshop will zoom right into that particular layer I can do the same thing on the background layer and Photoshop will of course zoom out I'm going to duplicate that star and I'm just gonna place it somewhere else in the canvas and if I select both stars and I use that same keyboard shortcut and click once it'll deselect the second layer and if I click again it'll zoom into that second star so keep in mind that it only works on a single layer or on a group so if I select these two layers and put them into a group and then hold alt on Windows option on the Mac and click on a group icon Photoshop zooms into those two layers so remember this keyboard shortcut works with either one layer or a group ever since they was first introduced in Photoshop cs6 the properties panel has become one of the most important panels in Photoshop it allows you to select options based on the layer that you have selected Photoshop 20/20 add significant improvements to this central hub in the editing workflow with this file we're gonna take a look at the properties panel so here I have the properties panel open first with a text layer you'll notice now that you have all these different hubs transform which you can collapse by clicking on this arrow character paragraph type options in quick actions all these hubs gives you the power of the character panel and the paragraph panel so now you need to open these panels at all all those settings are found here alongside other settings like the transformation and quick actions one thing about the transformation is if you make an adjustment so let me just click and drag to make an adjustment so I'm just gonna rotate the text and then I'll flip it horizontally so if you make an adjustment from the panel on the transformation you can always click on this reset icon to reset that text and again I want to reiterate that these are all the same as the properties found in the character panel here it is notice that if I make a chain one panel it changes on the other panel also I want you don't notice these three dots if you click on these three dots you'll expand the panel to reveal more settings so if you're not finding the setting that you want make sure that you click on these three dots to reveal more settings I'd really like this new feature because all the settings that I need are now found in one single panel with a pixel layer you'll get similar features one of the most important ones though is the quick actions in this case the quick actions allows us to apply a select subject command which as you probably know by now is the artificial intelligence that allows you to select the main subject of the image but there's an even more impressive button which is a remove background button let me show how it works I'll just deselect and then I'll simply click on remove background notice that there is no selection active when I click on that Photoshop analyzes the image to determines what the main subject is very much like select subject and it applies a layer mask to remove the background the layer mask is not perfect but it is really really good for just one click this is definitely something that I'm going to be using a lot in Photoshop 20/20 and finally I'm going to quickly point out the background layer when you select the background layer you get similar settings and if you expand the panel and just click off to the side so that no layer is selected you'll notice that you get document properties in the properties panel this allows you to adjust the canvas size change the aspect ratio change the color mode and you can also enable your rulers or your grids all within the panel and in the quick actions you also get options like the crop which enables a crop tool rotate which allows you to rotate the canvas and image size and trim these are very useful options that I'm sure that you'll be using a lot in Photoshop 2020 I hope that you like them as much as I do let me know down in the comments below what your thoughts are there's a new file type in Photoshop a cloud document the file extension is P as the C you can look at your cloud documents from this tab in the home screen a cloud document is simply a Photoshop file that is saved to Adobe's cloud it saves as you work and you can access your files from your desktop or your iPad I'll open up one of my cloud documents and in the tab you'll see that there's a little cloud icon indicating that this is a cloud document if I make a change and close Photoshop will not ask me to save that is because it automatically saves on to my cloud once I go back into my cloud document tab you can see that this was updated one second ago and the changes reflect in the thumbnail when you create a new document and you save Photoshop will ask you if you want to save it as a cloud document or on your computer you can click on the tone show again checkbox and then select one of the options and Photoshop will remember that selection Photoshop 20/20 gives you a brand new feature with smart objects you can actually unpack them in other words you can convert smart objects into layers all you have to do is with your smart object selected you can just right click on it and select convert to layers Photoshop will let you know that Smart Filters applied to the smart object will not be retained you can press ok and the smart object now gets converted into a group and inside that group you'll see all the layers that make up that smart object Photoshop 2020 has a brand new addition in the content aware and it deals with the fill mask let me show you how it works I already have a selection active around this person jumping into the pool and what I'm gonna do is use content aware fill to remove her from the image so I'm gonna go into edit content aware fill by default Photoshop will select the auto sampling area option if you don't know what that means you can just simply hover over the button and Photoshop will tell you basically Photoshop is deciding what pixels to analyze to generate that fill in green you will see the pixels that Photoshop selected you can subtract from what Photoshop decided to select by simply painting over the areas you don't want to sample from notice in the preview window Photoshop does a fantastic job and I can simply press ok to commit those changes but before I do that I simply want to point out that we have more sampling areas we have rectangle which simply creates a rectangle around the selection and we have custom which allows you to start painting from scratch and you can paint the areas that you want to sample from in this case using auto did a really good job and then subtracting from the areas that are not similar at all like those chairs and notice that again Photoshop does a fantastic job make sure that you output 20 layer and press ok before and after so it's a very powerful tool and it works great so make sure that you pay attention to the assembly modes that you use and use the ones that best work for your projects another new feature comes with the export window I have a composite here and if I wanted to export that I can go into file export export as and this window comes up and the new feature here is on this two up tab if you click on that you'll see on the left hand side the image that you're saving in the original image I'll zoom in so that you can see how this works I'll click and drag and both windows zoom in at the same time right now they look identical but notice what happens when I reduce the quality and I'll just bring it down to 1% so that you can see the difference see how this one looks a lot more pixelated and this one does not this is the original and this is what the output version would look like so this window helps you determine what a good quality would be to maintain the original look of your image next we're gonna talk about a brand new feature that allows you to close documents much quicker notice that I'm working with all these different documents and if I go into file you'll see that there is a brand new menu item called close others the keyboard shortcut is alt ctrl P that's option command P on the Mac and when I click on that Photoshop will close all other documents except for the one that I currently have active now let me show you how this feature works when we have a free-floating window we have a free-floating window and inside of that window we have multiple tabs then we have tabs that are attached to the actual application frame if I were to simply go into file and click on close others shop will close all our documents except for the currently active document but if you right click on a tab and select close others Photoshop will only close the documents nested onto that tab so watch what happens I'll click on close others but it closed all the documents in this free-floating window because it was a contextual command meaning it happened from within this window presets have been a part of Photoshop since its very first released almost 30 years ago and have evolved significantly in Photoshop 2020 we get a huge improvement with presets patterns gradient shapes and layer styles now have their own dedicated panels with redesigned presets that can be group and easily navigated let me show you where they are you can find them in the panels here or you can go into window and find them from the drop down first I'll show you the grayness panel you can see that we have now these groups of gradients these are already designed and these are the ones over there previously and what you can do is click an ingredient to apply it to the currently selected layer notice how the gradient was applied to that text layer and I can just click and it applies it onto the layer notice that Photoshop applied a gradient overlay I can also hold alt option on the Mac and click and drag one of these gradients and drop it into the layers panel as a gradient fill layer on a regular pixel layer if I just click once on the gradient preset Photoshop will clip it to the selected layer I'll press f12 to go back into my original document that revert s' that's an old feature that's nothing new I just need to go back into my original document now let me show you patterns patterns work the same way you can just click once and Photoshop applies a pattern layer style onto a text layer if you have a pixel layer selected clicking on a pattern will clip it to that particular layer if I double click on the pattern to edit it I can increase the scale and if I click on a different pattern Photoshop will apply that pattern and it will retain the same scale adjustment that you applied you can of course also hold alt on windows option on the Mac and click and drag it into the layers pan to create a pattern fill layer once again I'll press f12 to reset and now I'll show you the layer styles panel I'm gonna go into window and select Styles here they are I can just click on any one of these to apply those layer styles to the currently selected layer all these presets are organized into categories you can always create a new category or a group by clicking on this icon and placing any preset that you like inside it now is Simon show you my favorite new feature in Photoshop 2020 I'm gonna work with these two layers I have a white background and this Cup it doesn't have a background and is a smart object I'm going to press ctrl T command T to transform and then I'm going to click on this icon here to enter the warp mode so the warp mode is a little different before you had a 3×3 grid we can still go back to it from the options bar I can select 3 by 3 and there's our grid and you probably recognize this grid you can click and drag on these points to transform and as you can tell it's already much more powerful than it was but I'm gonna undo that and just show you that you can now have 4 by 4 grids or 5 by 5 but the cool thing is you can now go into default and then you can create your grids from scratch notice this split icon here this first one the split warp Crosswhite you will create a horizontal and vertical split notice that when I hover over the cup I can just click and I create my split now I can adjust it accordingly with split that I created I'm gonna undo that then I'll show you the vertical split here it is and the horizontal split so now that I have these splits I can hold shift click and drag and select multiple points so I'm holding the shift key and clicking and dragging and I'll make sure that this one selected as well so I'll hold shift and click and I can click and drag all those points at the same time best of all this square now access bounding box so I can hover just outside of it click and drag to rotate and it rotates those points and it distorts the image accordingly I can also scale pretty cool stuff and I can add more splits if I need to notice that as I hover over the image you can see that the split that I'm going to create follows the contours that we adjust it so I can come and click on that then select another split here and now I can adjust this and accordingly like so and maybe I'll adjust a handle as well and just make a larger handle I'll click on the checkmark to commit the changes since this is a smart object we can go back and edit this by pressing ctrl T command T to transform clicking on this icon and we can continue adjusting the splits I can also right click on any one of the splits and select remove warp split and it removes the distortion of course so as you can see this is a really powerful photo manipulation tool I'm gonna be using it a lot and I think that you will as well let me know down in the comments below what you think of this feature and also let me know what your favorite feature is if this is your first time at the Photoshop training Channel then don't forget to click on that subscribe and notification button thank you so much for watching I'll talk to you again in the next video

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