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The ‘F’ Key in Photoshop for Preview Full screen – Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Part – 14/48

Kyoto youtubers my name is N and this video here is one of the free ones that a giveaway is part of my logic or so if you are keen and you do enjoy it check out there'll be a link in the description but for now let's set off and look at the free stuff now this tool is really handy for when you want to get a sense of how the website is going to look without all the junk around the outside all the photoshop tools and tabs and toolbars now to do this you go to view there's one called screen mode and you use this one here now some reason I know it's the shortcut key of F but some reason on this mac here I'm not sure it's on a PC but it doesn't have the shortcut so we're going to ignore that little bit and use the quick little shortcut key so if I tap the F key once a kind of high top of it so tap the F key again on my keyboard okay it gets rid of all the toolbars except for the rulers now what I want to do is I'm going to toggle back one more and turn the rollers off rulers turn them off and then member once for the F key twice for the F key and I can still I can see my document and I can move around at member i can hold my spacebar okay i can move it around and it gives me just a bit of sense of what my websites looking like at the moment and if key a third time we'll get you back to square one so there's kind of three settings there's this one here and there's next one and in this full screen and they cycle around by using the F key now another nice thing I like to do is I get F key twice to get into this full screen mode is I don't like this white background especially when I'm dealing with such a dark web site I want this background here to not be white so what you can do you can right click it and pick either dark gray okay all right click it and pick black and it just changes the background color if i zoom out you'll notice that it changes forever my little background color if I have if key back it's up to you how you prefer to work okay I like to work on a dark screen or dark green just so I can get a nice website now I love to share so made a few of these videos free of course though I'd love for you to go on and do my full course of over 50 videos there's a discount code in the description please like and subscribe and hide it our good YouTube people now saluting and waving but you can see

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