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Download & Install Adobe Elements 2019 & 2020

With elements 2019 things have changed now You can also download a small exe file that will install the software automatically Yes, you have heard me right it will install automatically on its own So basically there are two websites from where you can download this software. So Let's check the first website Here we are going to download the complete software and proceed with installation. Later So let's check the first older method of downloading it think of this webpage is mentioned in the description below Select the latest version at the top or you can scroll down to download any earlier version Please make sure you choose the right operating system and Hit the download button After that, you can save it to the location you want to save it? Right now as you're downloading the compressed file make sure that you have an extractor tool installed on your operating system If you do not have an extractor tool installed on your system, you can download it from the link mentioned in the description below so the program is downloaded to Make sure it's downloaded correctly. You can verify it by checking its properties It will be 2.90 gigabyte Closed the property window and right click on the download file select the unzipping tool and click on extract Select the location where you need the downloaded file to extract Once the extraction is done.

You will see a folder named as Photoshop Elements created on the location, which you have selected earlier Open the folder Select the setup file and double-click it to install it You will see the Installer window select the language and the location where you wish to install the software Click on continue and you will see the Installer is proceeding towards the completion of the program now It's time to download the same software via dot exe file. But this time we will choose Adobe Premiere Elements 2019 this time you have to open a different link mentioned in the description below Make sure you are signed in via your adobe account that you can check at the top right hand corner You can see it's the page to download Adobe Premiere Elements We have a similar page for downloading Adobe Photoshop Elements Mentioned in the description below by clicking this drop-down list You can see different languages and platform of Adobe Premiere Elements to download here We are going to choose the files based on our choice of language and operating system Click the signup button at the bottom center of the page This will open a small pop-up window that will start the download of a small file browse the location where you want to save it So the program is downloaded to make sure it's downloaded correctly You can verify it by checking its size by its properties it will be 2.4 3 megabyte Approximately double click the file or run as administrator to execute the installation it will show you a vertical installation window where you can choose the language of the software and location where you want to install it if you are a Windows user by default the software is going to be installed in your C Drive your download completely depends on your internet speed and installation depends on how much powerful machine you are using So this is our brand new start screen showing us all three buttons offer Adobe Elements software, let's open Adobe Premiere Elements The time you will open it for the first time you will see the activation window, please sign in with your Adobe ID and password Next you will get the option of buying the software activate trial and licensing the software click license this software Enter your serial number Click next and you are ready to rock So, this is our quick mode with new simplified look This is our guided mode with more additional features and predefined effects and Last but not the least we have our expert mode.

That is our main playground in this software to Reactivate Adobe elements click help and then click sign out Make sure your machine is connected with the internet while you are doing this To verify the deactivation click the same buttons and Check if you are able to see the sign-in button in place of sign out. Thanks for watching the video I hope it helped you please subscribe for more videos

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