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I Made A Giant 30-Pound Burger

14, pounds of beef 10 pounds of dough 6 pounds of cheese. This burger is gon na be 56 times size of a regular burger. Hey guys, my name is Alvin. I’m a tasty producer and I love making crazy food, and my friend Victor actually hit me up yesterday and he is a guy that just loves burgers to the end of the world and he goes. I got a favorite ass. You know like burgers right. Well, you see my birthday’s coming up real soon and I don’t really like cake. I was wondering, could you make me a giant cheeseburger for my birthday that was like dang? Ok, I see all right hit me up tomorrow and see what I can do thanks many of the goat, so dude good. What you got for me. I’m gon na have the couple of my favorite burgers. I wanted you to come check it out. What do you love so much about this burger? It starts off with this amazing toasted brioche bun, toasting it on both sides to make sure there’s crispy and the beef the way that they sear it the juiciness and that cheese that cheese, though it melts into all the little crevices of the beef. So I’m talking about and the top things are super simple lettuce, tomato, oh man, once you put all those wonderful things together, you take that bite. I’m gon na try to make you a really big version of this. It might not be easy, but I’m gon na see what I can do. If anybody can do. Is you man all right thanks, dude time, to make this crazy thing? We’re gon na start with his guy in custom, brioche bun, pretty classic for your recipe, some flour, some salt sugar, a couple of eggs gon na get this started. I forgot the dough hook. While this is going. I’m gon na make the starter mixture a cup of water yeast, some milk for the yeast to drink, and I get hydrated start drinking start growing because you know disease. Ain’t hit puberty, yet five to eight minutes, low speed. Until the dough comes together, then we’re gon na add a lot of butter. The dough is coming together. It’s in a ball, shape brioche one of the most signature. Things is a lot of butter, so add it slowly, coorporate into the dough and kind of make it super velvety. So let’s look at hot hot good, a lot of dough y 39, all that’s, nice cool, shape it to a ball. Get this guy into this buttered dish. Bed get some plastic ware cover this guy up. Let him take a nap for two hours and I’ll see you in a bit dude. So while the dough rest want to use some foil to kind of make the button stay in this tape, where’s the halfway point, hold them in half again got ta, make a circle clasp it to get there’s, this sort of thing. This is a big, a circle hope it’s dirty. You have to hold the bread, but we’ll see oh man. This is a big boy right here. Here we go so satisfying, oh Music. Maybe I should have oiled my surface. Get the air bubbles out reshape it into the form of a circle for the hamburger button, so the rest of you for this dough actually makes ten individual buns and I doubled the recipe. So this bun is actually gon na, be the size of 20 buns. I think I’m gon na put some egg wash on this too off to the oven. You go see you in a minute. This is a big button whoa. That is a burger button, then directly into the pan. Looking pretty good! Well, this one kind of toasts in the pan I’m just gon na brush some butter on this gon na, throw it in the broiler over there to get toasted. Oh that’s a nice toast. Now we’re gon na make this beef patty. I got the biggest tray we could find in the kitchen. I got a lot of beef or not with a lot of people, and it is 14 pounds of beef in an average burger somewhere around 1 4 pound. This burger is gon na be 56 times a regular Berger. Oh wait gloves let’s get to work. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much meat in my life. You know when I went to the grocery store to get this lady. In line behind me was like boy, are you hungry and I was like you bet. I am it’s, a visual representation between Machine Gun, Kelly and Eminem, all right that’s, all the beef. It’s like working with dope, but not really because the dough is meat time to season garlic powder, onion powder smoked, paprika, a lot of pepper, make it rain boy like almost like a quarter cup of salt. Don’t be afraid to season your meat y 39. All oh wait. I need to take my watch off before just get any crazier and to make it all evenly combined. It’s a lot harder than I thought it was gon na be. I think I’ve seen salt Bay through some of these videos. Getting tired thing is wild. Never was the trainer like hey here,’s, a 14 pounds of ground meat. Do five reps whoo all right: it’s been seven years. Let’s say this meat is thoroughly mixed and figure out how to get it into a patty shape. Second, pan, please thanks Brenda appreciate it. This is one patty, the second one I’m gon na make it into a perfect circle, outsides thicker than inside, because when a burger cooks it actually shrinks it’s. A meat pizza whoo that’s one all right. Let’s go for another one. I’m changing to a slapping technique. This is how you train as a masseuse. Oh, I don’t have a pan that can sear. So what I’m gon na do is I’m gon na put him in the oven, 300 degrees to kind of cook them all through, and I’m gon na turn on the broiler really nice caramelization on top to get all the flavor patties Are done, I need to deal with the cheese, though Music, so we’re gon na make the big cheese slice. Now a lot of people might be saying: hey why don’t you just put a bunch of cheese slices on top of the patty itself. I mean you could, but we’re a tasty. We’re making a big. So why not just make a giant cheese slice? Oh a piece fill half American cheese, half cheddar cheese. Let it cook down! Let it melt a little bit if you’re a lactose intolerant, look away. Now we about to go in that’s, some good cheese right there. Oh my mom! Ah look at this! Alright, we got ta work fast before it starts to get cold. This also may or may not be too much cheese, but there’s, no such thing as too much cheese is that spatula one last smooth these cheese slices gon na go in the fridge, see you in a bit, oh, that’s hot. Oh, my god that’s so hot, so these cheese slices have firmed up pretty nicely. Put these on here, trim these up a bit, save these snacks for later. Looking good, you know. Sometimes I dream of crazy things. This is how these slices are made good. I made my own custom cheese slice. These are the biggest cutting boards I have ever seen. I didn’t even know we had stuff this big, so we’re gon na see if this actually works. Okay, I think that’s pretty cool and may have overestimated how much cheese I needed, but there’s nothing wrong with more cheese. We’re put these back in the oven until they’re, nice and really delicious, and we’re gon na build this burger. Oh this just got so much heavier. I will see you when you are a nice and melted about. Oh that what I like to see. I think it looks great. I just kind of want to eat it right now, but I can’t because Victor’s got ta eat it. Buns are toasted garnishes, already burgers, ready, patties ready. I think it’s time to build this burger. I’m actually pretty nervous for it. There’s like 14 pounds of beef, ten pounds of dough six pounds of cheese. Here we go all right, Big Daddy goes. Yes, Daddy number two is landed. I think the button might be a little too small, but that’s okay there. This oh, this – is looking cool nice floral arrangement saying has come together. I think you could probably fit a piece of this in your mouth nice bed of lettuce, tomatoes, how’s that song go. I got beans, greens, tomatoes, potatoes, game, something in the tool and time to do the top button in the sauce. This is some secret burger sauce. I made Mayo some mustard, some ketchup, some pickle juice, that’s pretty much it. I took this toasted burger button and then just kind of spread it nice evenly over it all right. Here we go got to put the cat on. The hats, might not be a big enough hat come on. Okay, the top of the bun shrunk a little bit more than I thought it was going to, but that’s, okay, this burger is pretty much done. I’m going to go, get Victor and it’s his birthday today. I really want to know if it actually tastes good. So I’m gon na wash my hands and we’re gon na go surprise. It’s just like 25 pounds. So Vic so have event. This is the size of a regular burger, correct. Yes, sir close your eyes awesome, I can’t wait Wow. Why did that sound like that? Ready, ready? 1. 2. 3 open your eyes. Nikki zero is like the same thing. Let’s just be huge. How many burgers do you think would fit in this, but for like 20 of those burgers in here easy? The first thing I thought of was just how beautiful it looks. Unbelievable, let’s bite into this bad boy. I can’t wait to try it then. I really can’t wait to try it. Oh that’s the thick burger to seize, maybe three for cooling that’s a proper serving side that’s. Why I’m talking about! Are you glad to be so juicy he toasted them? You toasted the bonds bro we’re not wasting any of this. I think I’m gon na have to call down some friends. Bro, oh just bring in the back dog feeding a lot of my friends at this giant burger and just watching them finish at all. It really made me happy. Granny,’s. New bun might have been a little small that she’s a little too big. This time, but seeing people smile and being able to make them happy with food, that is the best feeling in the world for me. So if you’ve got a favorite food comment below hit me up, send me a DM and I will do my very best to try and make it big for you until then Music, you, Music,

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