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Marketing Tips with Vancouver Mortgage broker Mark Fidgett on Tips for marketing

hey guys mark fidget here with not a penny down calm unbelievable response to my Twitter post about the marketing strategy that I recently piloted that had phenomenal results well as promised here it is for those of you who know me you know i'm all about well I'm a huge proponent about data based marketing in fact I think you'll agree that picking up your phone and calling your database is probably if not the number one probably one of the most powerful marketing strategies you can ever do the problem is if you're like many of the entrepreneurs that I've coached over the years it's the last thing you want to do you know I haven't talked to them in a while you feel awkward you know what am I going to say well this simple strategy oh it's going to blow you away about two weeks ago I was in at one of the local gas stations just fill up my car with gas and as it turned out the debit machine wasn't working so I had to go inside and deal with the attendant when I walked in there was a huge line up everyone was buying lottery tickets well when I finally got to the front of the line I was paying for the gas and I noticed on the counter there was this large piece of glass he'd probably seen it and underneath the glass through all these scratching wins I asked the tenant what's the most popular one dollar ticket and she told me by far it was the gold rush you've probably seen this so right away I bought 25 of them then I walked into London Drugs and I bought 25 note cards when I got back to the office I wrote the following script hey this is mark I was at the gas station the other day picking up a lottery ticket and I was thinking how lucky I am to have great clients and your name came to mind so I thought I'd pick one up for you good luck and I signed it mark well we put them in the mail and waited about three to four days then I started calling and I simply said did you win the response was unbelievable they were actually asking me how's the market what are rates like and of course you can imagine this was a great lead into how can I help you try this for yourself go out by about 25 these they're only a buck each that's 25 by the notecard less than a buck send it out and watch what happens PS if you'd like a copy of the exact script that I use email me at mark at not a penny down calm I hope you found this useful as usual make it a great day and I'll talk to you soon

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