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[Rookie King BTS Ep 2-1] Who is the best chef? Cooking survival between the 7 members!

Who is BTS’s best chef? The cooking war begins Bulletproof return The secret of the second album Punish quickly Bulletproof Punishment Show Free member's collection Don’t have any favorite songs? Don't know what song to download? The first reason to choose bulletproof is Will not be eliminated Second, protect everyone I am mc rm from BTS Wouldn’t you be happy to hear about cooking? A cooking contest will be held today Open now Today’s topic is rm's birthday dishes The cooking war between the two groups is about to begin 40 minutes to finish cooking The winner rests, the loser finishes I don’t know why I started early There are ingredients in front Need to determine the menu Start a meeting We prepare seaweed soup I'm very curious what kind of dishes you would choose Let's choose the ingredients now Because it’s your birthday, you have to prepare seaweed soup We are Stir-fried Rice Cake Pasta with Miso Tomato Sauce They wanted to make seaweed soup, but they snatched it away Now give 40 minutes Start now Feel so confused Is a bribe really tasty We have no meat do not know what to do with it He asked me to chop vegetables But I can't do it I don’t know what to do, so I copied all the chili sauce I wanted to smoke I like sesame oil, so I put a little more The meat is amazing Meat and onions are enough v Very ignorant of cooking, but very hardworking Never seen v cuisine v is critical All the ingredients are copied together But Jimin took it and copied it again I can't help The seasoning package is the best Only a little bit The best seasoning package Only five minutes left it's finally over Try it with other judges So salty I want to hinder them Who did this? How could pork be like this? Smells so strange Put the soybean paste and many more Smelly feet The subtopic of cooking is vomiting Is actually punishment too salty v's seaweed rice is really angry It seems they don't like me Can't eat it Let's have a meeting Actually not nervous jimin group is red spoon The suga group is a blue spoon Three two one jimin group win The prize of the winning group is a merchandise coupon Let the failed group finish washing The bulletproof cooking war is over j-hope is a bit greedy Thank you Jungkook and Jimin Actually mine is delicious too How can this be bad? Later Secrets of Bulletproof's second album Stay tuned

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