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The Try Partners Mystery Box Cooking Challenge

– Hey, everyone. It's another Try Guys Mystery
Box Cooking Challenge. – We're turning the tables,
and I'm making Maggie cook. – The – Wives are in control. – That's right. – [Maggie] Do not eat it! – Oh no! (screaming) (gasping) – Are you kidding? – What up Try fam? My name's Zach, and today
we're going to be doing a Mystery Box Cooking Challenge. (upbeat music) – Obviously the rules are the same. They have to use all four
ingredients that we choose. They are allowed to use other
ingredients in the dish, but for this household at least, they have to already be open. – What are we going to
make Maggie cook today? – Don't love frozen food
so I'm hoping Keith doesn't pick anything too weird in
the back of our freezer. – [Keith] She said she
didn't want anything from the freezer, so
I'm gonna start there. You know what, I feel like
there's a lot that could be done with some frozen potatoes,
some french fries.

– That's Chik'n nuggets, so
should I just make you, like, a five year-old's dinner? – [Keith] Yeah, can I have a little fifth grader's lunch, please? – Yeah. – Oh my goodness. And Wes' little cheddar cheese snacks. Edamame. What is this? The tiniest little piece of
stinky, stinky blue cheese. And pickles. This is gonna be so gross. – So I'm not gonna take this easy on him. I wanna choose some ingredients
that are not obvious at all, but also very near and
dear to my own heart. Laird's Applejack, so this
is an apple brandy liqueur. – Are you kidding? Gene. – [Eugene] What? – This is not food. – First, corn, because you bought this and I don't know what to do with it. We've got kiwi 'cause
we bought 14 of these. Lime, 'cause you love citrus. – I love citrus. I have no idea what to do with jackfruit, so I kinda just wanna
give this to her to watch what she does so that I know how to do it. – Okay, coconut milk. – Yeah, leftovers right. No waste. Low waste family.

– Thanks, baby. Peanut butter? – Peanut butter, I like peanut butter. – Fire roasted diced green chiles. I gave you these, and
you gave 'em right back. – Nutella, that's a curve ball. – Vodka and bourbon. I don't know, this is hard. – What is this? – That's a bonus, that's a bonus. Becky's favorite, onion. – But is a red onion, is a
white onion, I don't know. – It's basically red onion,
it's basically red onion. – What a shallot, I don't have a dud. Should I boil them? Should I put them in a pot of water? I think I'm gonna not,
I'm not gonna boil them. Maybe I'll boil them. – How much of this do I have
to use, and how much of it, like, can I use other stuff, too? – [Ned] These ingredients
need to be the star. – These have to be in it. – [Ned] Everything has to be in it, yes. – What can I make with this,
like, a Long Island Iced Tea? – [Eugene] No, it can't be a
drink. That's one of the rules. You can't make a drink.

– This isn't fair. – Don't you think you're
the best chef out of anyone associated with the Try Guys? – Mmhmm. – So, take this as a challenge. I'm gonna be like your Asian mom. Do better, do good. – What do you think,
Bowie, what would you cook? What would you cook? What would you cook? What are you doing? What would you cook? – Vodka's good if you,
like, soak things in it, so I think what I'm gonna do
is make vodka soaked cherries, poached apple with wine, add vegan vanilla ice
cream with the bourbon, and then for the Applejack,
I'll make some type of cake.

I'll just grab a couple of these. I'm leaving on the stem. And then we're just going
to put vodka on them and put them in the fridge overnight. One down, three to go. – [Zach] All right, Maggie. What we cooking? – I think I'm gonna do jackfruit tacos. – [Zach] Yum. – I don't know what I'm
gonna do with the kiwis yet, and for the corn, I'm thinking,
we make a vegan elote, because you cannot handle
any sort of cream or cheese. – Okay, I know what I'm gonna do. So we make these, like, kind
of like knock off KFC bowls sometimes when we don't have
a lot of food in the house, and we do mashed potatoes and
then just vegetables on top.

So I think I'm going to make
a knockoff KFC curry bowl. – [Keith] You think you
know how to make curry? – I learned how to make
curry before, yeah, and there are potatoes. I think we made curry once,
and it was coconut milk. – They're in big old chunkers. They literally look foamy. We'll start with one can. – They do look weird. What is it? Bowie, get out of there. – Get out of the kitchen, mister. – So the first thing I think
I'm gonna need to do is my, yeah, I'm gonna do the fries. I'm gonna boil them. I'm gonna boil 'em. I'm gonna boil 'em and see
that they boil like potatoes. – I think I got it figured out. I'm gonna make turkey
burgers with a little bit of edamame protein, some shallot, and then put all of that on a bun. We have some buns in the freezer, so these are gonna have to defrost. Figure that out. – [Ned] I'm stunned. That sounds delicious.
– We'll see how it is.

– [Ned] You're already winning my heart. – [Keith] Your shallots in there. – [Becky] Shallot. A scoop of the scoopa. Let's go with that much. We love garlic. – [Keith] Oh my god, yeah. – That should be fine. If it goes sideways and
it tastes kind of funky, so we just put like half
a bottle of ranch on it. – [Keith] Oh my god. We only have so much ranch left. – [Zach] Yeah, crush that garlic, oh yeah. – [Maggie] Crush it up. – [Zach] Maggie, you are
crushin' it right now. – Thank you so much. Thanks, thank you so much. – [Zach] 'Cause you're crushing. – No, I'm actually crushing it. Thank you so much, Zach, thank you. – [Zach] It's not like you're crushing it. – No, thank you, I'm
doing a very good job. – [Zach] Yeah, like, you're crushing it. – No. – Okay, so I've got my shallots cut. I have my edamame in here.

I'm gonna mush it a little
bit so that it's like, woops, a little bit too excited there. All right, whisk is not working for – It's bourbon-y. It's strong. The thing is you can't use
too much alcohol in ice cream. Otherwise, your ice cream
won't be able to freeze all the way and it'll
just be kind of goopy. I think a lot of people
are afraid of making, like, ice cream or frozen desserts at home, but even if you just understand
how to make one base, like, you can reuse it and add
so many different flavors. – And I also need my cheesy crackers. Don't need that many. – [Keith] What's happening here? – So Keith has me put all of
the butts of the vegetables into this little guy, and
then when we're ready, Keith makes veggie stock. Should I put some frozen veggies in it? – I'd say you can really
taste the caramel.

And on the tail end that's
where you get the bourbon, but I think I want to add a little more. This'll be like something
that Gene would do, just keep adding more
and more for the alcohol. – All right. I think our toasts are done. Looks pretty tasty. Got those. They go here. Hot, hot, hot, hot. – So vanilla beans are
actually really easy. You just have to split
it in half, and then you scrape out the inside, which
has all those little specks. I'm gonna add a little
bit of salt just to help all of the flavors melt together there. – [Zach] So we should talk about this. This is almost a month
removed from you being sick, and you can't smell.

You can barely taste. – And now I'm having,
like, cravings like crazy, and nothing's hitting the spot. Like, I'll eat it and it's
not, like it normally tastes, so I'm like, I just want dumplings. – [Zach] So she's gonna cook us a meal, but she can't smell and she can't taste. – [Ariel] Burger mixture. – [Ned] Cheesy crackers,
turkey, edamame and shallots. – Yummy. Now I'm gonna add some spices. – [Maggie] So I'm adding
oil and all the spices, making it nice and flavorful. – [Zach] Sugar, spice and everything nice. – I'm gonna do a couple dashes of the, I think it's pronounced garam.

Is it ga-rum, ga-ram masala? Here, sprinkle that liberally. I like seasoning. I like things to be flavorful. Not making any digs at anyone. – Okay, my god, I just
didn't know how the chocolate would taste so I didn't
wanna be too specific. – Spices make everything so much better. I don't have to have this. – And then we got a
salt, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam,
bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. I'm like Emeril. – [Keith] Do people know who
Emeril is anymore, you think? – Yes! – [Keith] Like, is bam, like,
lost on the new generation? They're probably more into
the salt bae than bam. – They like salt bae, I assume. – Give me the salt bae. – I will make my ricotta mixture, add a little bit of Nutella. Not much, that's what I call not much 'cause I eat the stuff by the spoonful. – [Ned] Pretty good? – Mmhmm. – [Ned] Mmhmm. – All right, let's see how this goes. – [Ned] It looks like little turds. – They're gonna be so delicious. – Looks kind of like something
you would feed a baby. – Just one scoop, maybe
I'll start with that.

– [Zach] Are you the best boy? Are you? – [Maggie] Excuse me. – [Zach] What? – I made spicy mayo. – [Zach] That was fast. – [Ned] 30 minutes left. – [Zach] You only used one
of the given ingredients. – Well, you know, cooking takes time. Give me a second. – Well, this is exciting, isn't it? – [Keith] Well isn't
there a few other things we haven't started at all? Do we have a plan? – Yeah, these are just going to go like regular chicken nuggets, like a topping.

– [Keith] When? – They take like five minutes. – [Keith] What about this? (dramatic music) – I don't know. Honestly, I don't know. – [Maggie] Just turn in the little corns. – [Zach] Corn! – Oh no! – [Ned] Oh no! – Oh no, no, you're not
going to be able to tell that they're burned. They're nice and, like,
you can't even see it on the front side. – [Ned] Flip that over. – No, why would I flip it over? Get out of here. – He's hot.

He was in for too long. – [Keith] Oh my god. – Hot monkeys. Can you burn peanut butter? – [Keith] Yeah. – I think once heated,
heat, it needs heat! – Normally we poach
them completely in tact, but since we're only gonna do one apple, I think I'm gonna cut it in half. – My nuggies! – You get used to a
little bit of lemon zest, it'll make a huge difference. – I think more lemon, for sure. Lemon it up. It's too peanut buttery. I know I need my salt,
my fat, my acid, my heat. – We can make some sort
of kiwi salsa to go on top of the tacos. – [Zach] You think that the fruit as a? – I mean, there's such
thing as mango salsa. Like, why can't kiwi salsa be a thing? – No! – I think I'm gonna make a sauce. – [Ned] Cool. – Yeah, maybe like a spicy, no, spicy doesn't go very
well with blue cheese.

– The last thing you want is
like a grainy sugar sauce. Drizzle it over anything you want, it'll be nice and smooth, like an icing. – They're just not, like, as creamy as I would like them to be. I like creamy mashed potatoes. (moans) Just weird. – [Keith] Put butter in it. – Butter. Butter. What about almond milk? How 'bout orange juice? – [Keith] I don't even want to
dignify that with a response. – So the last step we have
to do tonight is I want these to be able to soak in
the great icing liquid. But for right now I'm just gonna
make sure it's all covered. I think I got it. I think I'm gonna win. – Oh yeah! – Make an oh so little cut. Oh so little. – [Zach] Wow, that's a
freakin' hack right there! – Separate your chicken,
your fake chicken, into two heaping piles. – [Keith] Two fists full.

– And then we just drizzle. This literally looks like
a fifth grader made it. – Pickles look good. There's one. One burger ready. – [Ned] Yum. – Just real quick, this is
like the Applejack floss, so tasty, so flavorful, and then, I'm just gonna get, the
cherries are just perfect. Okay, Eugene, I'm ready for you. Come taste test. After my two-day shoots. – Your epic two-day
mystery box challenge done? – I even made you a cocktail.
– You made a cocktail? – Oh boy! All right, Erin, all on me. Excited to see what you have for me. – Three, two, one. – Wow, that's beautiful! Wow, looks really good. It looks like a cake with
ice cream, my favorite. A poached apple, and
cherries of some sort. – Tell me what you've
prepared us today, chef. – Okay, so I made us vegan carnitas tacos with kiwi avocado tomato
salsa and vegan elotes. – These are my "Curr" F.C. bowls. They are two Michelin stars.

– [Keith] Okay, let's eat. – Let's do the first course first. 'Cause this is intended
to be an amuse bouche. – Oh, baby, lovely, lovely, lovely. – Yeah. – The little chia seeds and
the banana make it different and make it all tied together. Cheers. A creative use of Nutella. – Thank you. – You're welcome. – Okay. Put those aside. – Yeah. – Now make sure you get,
like, one perfect bite. – That's good. – There's something missing.
I don't know if it's heat. I don't know if it's lemon. – There is a good amount of
cayenne, so I feel a tiny little bit of mouth warmness
but no irritation or pain.

– Should we put the ranch on
it and see if that was it? – Go get the ranch. – Yes! – Let's start with the taco first. – Yeah, I'm super curious. – Be honest. My senses are diminished, so. – That got a kick. Holy shit balls. – [Ariel] Tada! – Whoa! What is this? – This is a turkey edamame cracker burger. – My mom's favorite cracker burger. – Cracker burger. – You ready? That is good. – That's really good. – Spicy ranch. – The spicy sauce is really good. – That looks really moist. So moist. – Put a caramel sauce on top. It's really good with the ice cream.

– That's really good. – Okay, let's wash it down with some corn. Also spicy. – Wow, Midwestern life hack. – Yeah, just add ranch. Okay, here's a ranch bite. – Ranch challenge. Was that it? – It's good. I think it's great. – Hey, man, if you ever
only have french fries in your freezer, boil 'em
up 'cause they do fine to make mashed potatoes. – It works! – But yeah, I think this
turned out really well, and I might actually
write that recipe down. – I think you should, yeah. – I might omit the crackers. But the edamame turkey
burger is pretty spot on. – Yeah. – I'm shocked, proud and disappointed at how coherent this entire meal is. – Even with the kiwi? – Yeah, the kiwi makes sense. It feels like that's what
was supposed to be used. – Thank you. – That could be on a restaurant menu. – You think it's that good? – Yeah. What is your name for it? – Boozy bundt. – Go Eugene's boozy bundt.

– It sounds gross when
you say it like that. – How about Matt's boozy bundt? I really want more of that cake. It's so good. Did you make more? – This has been so fun
both times we did it. Just go in your pantry,
put stuff together, and challenge yourself
to think outside the box. You might come up with some
really cool new recipes. – Show us some of your creations. We saw a lot of people do this last time. We'd love to see you guys
flip the script on each other as well at home. A delicious meal, dear. – Thanks! – And you get a kiss,
which means, you won. – I win! – Yeah, there's, like,
food in your eyelashes.

– You wanna be in more videos, or no? – Sure. – Yeah? – Thanks for watching everyone. It's fun to cook with you in the kitchen. (upbeat music) – A lot of people asked if
I was eating strawberries and ranch. I don't, but because I think
you guys think I should try it, I'll try it. This can't be good. – [Becky] Oh my god. – Kind of tastes like
a strawberry shortcake. I don't hate it, but I didn't plan it..

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