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De 0 à 75 000 dollars MRR avec 0 budget marketing

Good this afternoon, we start the acquisition part. So one of the first growth hacks that I will explain to you is a startup that went from 0 to $ 75,000 in monthly income, with zero marketing budget. The name of the no one is Sergei Gusev. He has shared last year, it seems to me, his story awesome about how he has got 75 thousand dollars in income monthly in a year and a half, with zero marketing budget. His startup is called "Scentbird" is a service subscription which offers a designer scent every months, for just $ 14.95. Therefore here is his Growth Hacking plan, which thus allowed to go from 0 to 75000 dollars in recurring monthly income. First, he has searched YouTube for reviews of perfume in fact and he also looked for the reviews of the perfumes of its competitors. So he added all the influencers in an excel table, he contacted all the influencers and offered them a free product and statistics are interesting, because that here there are about 30% of influencers who responded to the first mailings and around 20 to 30% who answered the second or third mailing, so that's good to know, you can note it, this means that the second and third follow-up mails increased conversion rates from 60 to 100%! This is phenomenal! So then he created a unique coupon or a unique link with an integrated coupon in the url, for each influencer, so they can follow their conversion in fact and so he asked the influencers to put the url of his site forward on their YouTube channel and that's how it is that he got 75 thousand dollars from monthly income in his bank account, each month.

So here is a growth hack of influencers: contact them, make a list, create discount coupons that these influences will be able to offer their community, because it is important to know is that the influencers want come up with something cool for their community. They are not going to do the promoting products like this, for nothing..

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