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Facebook Fan Page Marketing: How to stop receiving messages on your Fan Page.

Michelle pesco salado ninja today's training video I'm going to show you a very simple quick fix to not getting messages on your fan page now you might be saying Michelle why would I not want to get messages I want to hear from everybody well if you get to a point where your brand gets way too big and you want to consolidate and get your messages sit to maybe one avenue maybe a support email instead of two your fan page you can actually turn off the messages button on your fan page which I actually have mine turn off because what was happening was is I was getting all these emails through my blog I was getting all these emails through maybe a YouTube channel I was getting all these emails through my regular inbox I was getting all these emails on my personal page and then all these emails on my fan page so I just found that turning it off and not giving people the ability to message me would obviously give them hopefully they would be creative and resourceful and figure out another way to get to me but just turning it off and putting it out of sight has really helped me manage the way I get emails so I just want to show you real quick how to do that I'm on my fan page right now all you have to do is come to the edit page go to edit settings and then right down here it says messages right here and I can click Edit on the right here and I can click this button allow people to contact my fanpage privately so it will show a message button or you uncheck this box and then click your Save Changes and now the message button will no longer show up on your fan page so whether you need this or not that's completely up to you but I wanted to show that this is available to you if you find that you're getting a lot of messages on your fan page and you don't ever get time to answer them or you don't have a support team that actually get to them and answer though so that was my situation I just felt like the people were messaging on my fan page and there were so many other places I was having to check my messages that I thought turning this off would probably be best and really go to one central place to be checking messages so you got some value in this video and I'll see you in the next training video bye bye you

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