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2 MSP Challenges: Pricing and Marketing

so you want to launch an msp watch this first launching or relaunching a company to take on the managed services business model is an enormous challenge would bmsps stumble in two areas in particular pricing and marketing msp pricing must be addressed early on there are several pricing models to consider monitoring only model where msps charge strictly for monitoring the customer's network and alerting the customers in-house personnel of any issues per device model in which msps develop a standard fee for different types of i.t assets such as end-user devices servers and networks per user model in which msps charge a monthly per user per month fee which covers each user's device including pcs laptops or tablets and smartphones tiered pricing model in which msps create and sell packages of services starting with a basic entry-level service and moving on up to higher tiers of more comprehensive services the price tag increases with each boost and service level all-you-can-eat model which offers customers a comprehensive set of services spanning a range of remote and on-site offerings for a single flat fee this approach offers predictability for both msps and customers avacart pricing where msps charge separately for individual services such as backup and disaster recovery it's possible to mix and match among the pricing models for example some charge an all-you-can-eat price for the majority of services and then use a la carte for a couple of add-ons marketing presents unique challenges most msps initially find new business through referrals in word of mouth but those methods alone tend to stall companies at some point a solid marketing effort however stocks the sales pipeline and keeps the company growing a key to marketing lies in identifying customer need successful msps determine an ideal customer profile then figure out what sets the msp's offering apart from competitors which defines the marketing message they then determine ways to reach prospective customers such as webinars virtual conferences or even a revitalized website going further successful msps develop a brand identity which unifies marketing activities and creates a visual shorthand for core attributes dependability and reliability once established msps can specialize in particular industries pursuing multiple vertical markets offers the chance differentiate services and create more targeted marketing campaigns developing marketing campaigns will require money but many it vendors offer market development funds as part of their channel programs which can offset marketing costs follow the link above or in the description below for a guideline to consider when building your msp pricing plans what msp pricing and marketing challenges or victories has your organization seen let us know in the comments below and please hit that like button [Music] you

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