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Adobe Photoshop 7 Urdu Tutorial Part 2 of 22

it's tutorial you can the napkin Photoshop command uske baare Emma Kusum Janicki koshish Karuna go home start creating file command you say file K value the first time a command milfy had new newcomer Clara have new page she has to open classic name Shabab new page key command comes from algorithm to you hump a number of sizes with different pages of people available a just a Photoshop by default size 5 or 7 7 by 5 Fletcher have a page of APIs available a Agoura be scale of a letter size PhD an a4 size page legal size page or different sizes just a 2 by 3 car you have like visiting-card 4×6 photo handbook card yo photos shaadi Kelly on top is okay five by seven eight-by-ten gave vodka banners and 600 by 480 800 by 600 resolution KRK pages 1 0 2 4 by 768 K pages to give a co-parent up a usual thing you have two banners here you have come Krishna two different basic aliy amp a different sizes key pages module then Jennifer of you squared away company requirement him subset page book open campaign like Mucha to have a historic letter size page ie some arrows to select at your finally open her down then one of us commander open open the mother wave of Island Japan acceptable Akira keeping it Yahoo image job computer and panacea module a I will file over your images for open Crescent a jerk' browse he mother say up location things affecting a particular Agora PC or location P Jack Rebney Falco open furniture came to browse him at the save us a nice a possible Osaka again a PC Falco computer me safe furniture thing so I just save he command has some items and make sure DC failure bikini because it out like a meta pass a gear fire key picture hi or is he open man Apple the picture to have erected on you just for idea Tilly my up with amateur countif I'm Jamie basically crystallisation look safe cursor came from file came I knew McCarthy or command is similar pain safe I am circumcised a file kissed am sure kaha safeguarding output 2 mana comma J file my document candor like Apple can am such a funny just file got safeguarding homes to extinction Photoshop can devotee is dealer thigh here Photoshop key file extensions ok finally a miss Falco safe cut the thing safe spending about Japanese Falco closed KK the bada open curtain like masks for my documents say directly yo content um I'm taking you through Photoshop your original file things video Photoshop right directly open over here let me get up is Falco as a picture melaka say furniture think you get about pc to your email cutting at the coffee heavy follow me or some naval ships we have a spare I did because I hear very a file using will be up chatting a file editable now who some revelation so I will see the stuff you correct so they kick it's become like a circuit Abi's Falco convert crept ahead Jaffe achieve back your diffic ended some command is some al getting safer back Jesse Madison my Falco just gender converter 1 Phi like a size on the upper checkered thing again I'm going to take a file to have a routine here to ha whiskey size for Baraka sucked in here or I got a Malaga Riga file size and buddy here Thomas we have C to Tiger something finally Phalke extension Keanu jkboom defined getting it my file to save but unlike my document can there a pelican on sages extension Jeff missile like a thumb or choker home decollete my document can there Apple arm here cheap picture file is Muhammad Ali they are happy to basically save him at the say above me file goes safer' danger to save as he mother save he above me file for different extensions they say tail like up the chief my convert cannot shine g-pack may convert can retaliate if may convert cannot China to go up common extinction C&C selected certain Falco close Colonel Jim files Veronica Albin FICO closed gossiping again obviously file for company like recently file German a USQ spin which a campaign at the bottom I open recent candor Joker Abney Falco directly open custom again which is filed a printout Nicole night Tom print with preview key command case the Malkovich itself father you take a five is the recipient okey bouhanni offered a sec thing was he sighs we assets whatever records acting or directly Japan print he command here some Alkaline get the home a possession a hockey is page per any top bottom left right hip nice applying program center my page quesarasara body print only the Year command home look basically printed with preview gigamon kissing it takes it a job yet exactly mother say hamari application table closer Jackie next tutorial candor basically map or add recommend you compiler may discuss career

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