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Adobe Photoshop for iPad – Is it any good?

let's talk about Photoshop for iPad what up guys welcome back to another
episode my name is Attibear and today we're going to talk about the newly
released Photoshop for iPad back in 2018 Adobe announced the development of
Photoshop for iPad during Apple's WWDC keynote and we've been waiting for the
release of Photoshop ever since so in today's episode we will find out whether
Adobe actually was able to keep up with the hype surrounding their new app in
today's episode we will not only talk about the good bad and the ugly
surrounding Photoshop I will also show you some neat tricks I picked up along
the way so hopefully your Photoshop experience will be smoother than mine
let's kick off today's review by firing up Photoshop on the iPad and see how you
can import your work into the iPad with the release of Photoshop for iPad a new
way to save your work has been introduced so you now can save all your
precious work in Creative Cloud and open it in cloud documents through all the
Adobe apps but you're not completely nailed to Creative Cloud you also can
import files that are stored in other cloud services or on your iPad regarding
the file size you should keep in mind that the files that you will have on
your iPad are pretty much the same size as you already know it from a Mac or a
Windows PC meaning if you are having a bigger work file you will also need a
significant amount of bandwidth to get all those files onto your iPad to
guarantee a smooth touch input experience Adobe not just simply ported
Photoshop onto iPad they also implemented some smart ways how you can
manage your input you cannot only drag-and-drop or select with your
fingers you can also undo or redo operations with a certain gesture an
overview of all the available gestures can be found in the settings section of
Photoshop additionally you can also utilize a feature called touch shortcut
which basically replaces your option and command key this little tool can be
found somewhere on your screen in the form of a circle and to engage its
primary features just tap and hold it if you want to engage the secondary feature
of your selected tool you just have to swipe to its corner
while you tap and hold it you also can relocate it to any other spot on your
display since we are already in the settings one setting I highly recommend
you to activate if you are owning an Apple pencil is the stylus painting only
setting this way if you accidentally touch the canvas before your stylus is
touching the iPad you will not mess up your work because only the Apple pencil

The stylus is able to modify your canvas now let's continue by me giving
you a rundown which tools are actually available on Photoshop for iPad and if
you pay close attention you will notice that not everything you are used to from
your PC or Mac is actually available on the iPad most obviously we have to drag
tool to drag around our content all over the place there is also an option to
transform your objects in different kind of perspectives and ratios for
selections we have to lasso quick selection rectangle and elliptical
selection tools with the brush you can select from a variety of brushes and you
also can adjust angle flow roundness and smoothing obviously if you have a brush
you also need an eraser tool also included is the Paint Bucket and a
gradient tool the one thing I'm most excited about is
the Spot Healing and also the clone stamp basic functions like crop and
rotate and trust me cropping or rotating a picture was never easier than with
this little helper and last but not least the text tool on the right hand
side you can find layers layer settings mask and effects and such and a cool
thing is they implemented also a minimalistic version of the layer
overview so that you're not wasting so much display real estate from here you
also can jump right in and add adjustment layers like brightness color
balance hue saturations yada yada yada so it's very easy to access all those
features and of course you are not only able to add different layers you can
also organize them in distinctive groups or add additional adjustment layers in
order to show you how Photoshop performs on
life conditions I wanted to showcase some simple tasks that you now can
complete on your iPad rather than on your PC or Mac so decide for yourself
how usable it is for this purpose we are taking the photo of the Atomos ninja 5
and I'm going to select the whole monitor with the help of the quick
select tool so let's see how thorough of a job it does you can see in this
example here that it sometimes has its issues to stick only to the monitor in
the darker areas but overall you can say that it will help you to make your life
easier because there is not much that I need to correct after the fact this is
also a good example why touch shortcuts can help you to speed up your editing
workflow by easily switching between selecting or deselecting with just a
touch so I think this tool is really usable at this point in time next up is
another very important tool the Spot Healing Brush to see how well it
performs you are going to cut out the Atomos ninja 5 put it onto another layer
and then fill in the void with the help of the Spot Healing Brush I'm actually
quite surprised how fast Photoshop is running on the iPad especially
considering that this is an older iPad but still the movement and the
adjustment is happening really fast so no lagging here after we now created a
massive void in the middle of the picture it's not time to paint over it
with the help of the Spot Healing Brush for this I'm disabling the unnecessary
layer and continue by selecting the base layer as I'm starting to paint over the
void you can see that there is some slight lag in my painting action but
also considered that this is a massive picture and it will take a considerable
amount of time to get the rendering done so as you can see it here this is in
real time I did not speed it up and this is how long it takes to fill this kind
of massive void but the result is actually quite good for a first run we
can now clean it up with the help of the clone stamp
and add some additional texture but after that you will pretty much end up
with a result that could look like in real life by the way this is a good
example why I recommend you to enable the stylus only painting setting cuz it
will happen all the time that you start to paint with the palm when you're
touching the display and not reaching for the display with the stylus first
and unfortunately it's also very easy to accidentally trigger a brush movement
when you're trying to zoom in or out of the picture so make sure paint with
stylus only is enabled after you successfully fill the void that you now
can re-enable the layer with the animals and this picture would be done it's
incredible that you are now able to complete such easy tasks now with just
the help of an iPad another highly used feature is masking masking is often used
to insert parts from one image into another unfortunately in Photoshop for
iPad it's not too obvious how you get parts from one PSD file into another so
let me show you the fastest way I did find so far to get this done for this
start by opening up the image you want to mask out select the layer settings
unlock the base layer and then copy the layer now head back to your dashboard
and open up the image where you want to merge both photos in to open up the
layer actions and paste your layer from before now add a layer mask to be able
to paint away the unnecessary parts of the image since I only want to re add the
Box on the right I'm starting by filling the whole mask with black so everything
disappears and then I select the brush to slowly paint back the box into the
image so far this is the easiest way I did find to merge two images together and
again I think it's amazing to have such a tool now finally available on iPad and
don't let us stop here we even can refine our result a bit further with the
help of Gaussian blur for this we go to filters and now we can set the amount of
Gaussian blur that will be applied to our layer mask so the edge
of our mask will be smoother so much for the usability of Photoshop for iPad
unfortunately it's not all unicorns and rainbows regarding Photoshop because we
are still missing a bunch of features and there are still a lot of things that
don't work as they are supposed to for example if you're somebody who highly
relies on brushes in Photoshop there is no way to import any custom brushes you
are nailed to the stock brushes that come with Photoshop also if you were
paying attention while of us showing you the available tools you may have noticed
that we are missing a magic wand selection tool so far under massive
bummer is the lack of smart filters and effects if you're running an older iPad
pro from 2017 so in order for these features to work you need to have the newest iPad
pro another thing I should mention Photoshop at this point in time still
has a bunch of bugs for example while I was using the brush
I encountered a bunch of artifacts on my canvas while I was painting also the
quick select tool sometimes just jumps to a whole selection of the whole canvas
so this kind of bugged me out no pun intended but every now and then I was
able to fix these issues by forcefully closing down Photoshop and reopening my
project in the end what can we say about Photoshop at the moment hence the lack
of certain features and abilities and considering the amount of bugs I
encountered Adobe already received a massive backlash from the community and
knowing Adobe they are pretty good at listening to their community so they
already issued a statement they are working on massive bug fixes and also
new features will come up along the road unfortunately we don't have a road map
on that yet and as we've seen it with Adobe rush they are pretty quick when it
comes to the release of new features that are highly requested by the
community so what is your opinion about the Adobe Photoshop for iPad have you also
been anticipating Photoshop as I did let me know down in the comments below
which tools you are most excited about now and also
maybe the ones that you think are still missing with that said I hope you
enjoyed today's review don't forget to Like share subscribe and I see you in
the next one peace

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